The adoption of project and task management tools is on the rise, project managers and business leaders are looking out for the tools to maximize their operational efficiencies to meet the business goals.

You won’t be able to assess the effect of the task assignment app until you look at the assistance it provides in the background.

Firstly, it helps in automating various basic operations and processes helping to improve productivity and eliminating human errors.

Secondly, project and task management tools help in ensuring quality.

Thirdly, it helps you in gaining total control of the costs and budget associated with the project.

Usually, the best task app helps a business in realizing its corporate goals and objectives.

With the soaring number of task assignment app, choosing the most suitable can be tricky and will depend on several factors.

But how exactly will you choose the most suitable task assignment app?

We bring you the 14 key factors that you should consider when purchasing the task management software.

1. Resource Management

The first and foremost aspect that can help you assess the proficiency of any task assignment app is its ability to manage the available resources.

The term resource is every broad, which can envelop manpower, time, money and equipment among others.

In order to be effective, you should wisely spend and allocate the resources you have.

A good daily task manager app should help you manage your resources well, from identifying, organizing, and tracking them down to their implementation.

When you are on the lookout for a project and task management tools, it is imperative that you should look at its resource management tools, which might include but not limited to inventory, attendance reports, and scheduling tools.

2. Project Management

This might seem odd, but when you are looking for a daily task manager app, you must clearly know about its project management capabilities.

It is suggested that when you are on the hunt for such a platform, see how well that platform answers this question

“How functional, extensive and robust is the software toolset?”

Once you get hold of a tool that offers schedule management, calendars, task management, Gantt charts, milestone management, and tracking tools then there is a distinct possibility that you might have a winner.

3. Collaboration

In order to be more productive and efficient people need to work together collectively.

This why project managers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs need to collaborate with their subordinates day in and day out.

Working together helps in making better plans, strategies, and decisions.

With the advent of technology, people can now work from their homes without even stepping out from any part of the world, it is therefore essential for task assignment app to have decent collaboration capabilities.

These should include communication, online huddles, annotations, and file sharing.

Whatever platform you choose for your organization, just make sure that you can collaborate with it.

4. Scalability

As you grow your business, your task assignment app is under a lot a great pressure to cope up with the rising needs of the business.

This is why your daily task manager app should have features that supplement growth, instead of limiting it.

The best task app should allow integration with other modules and sufficient additional space for storage.

Always opt for the platform that supports the growing needs of your business.

5. Customizable

You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a daily task manager app, which does not change with the needs of your business.

It is impossible to change your entire business just to accommodate a new system.

The best task assignment app is the one that can be easily be configured to fit the needs of the organization.

This why the ability to be customizable is important when you are looking for project and task management tools for your business.

Moreover, you should also be very careful about the flexibility of the platform.

This is one aspect that you should be on the hunt for above all, this is because the demands and patterns of your business will change over time.

6. Security

Functionality alone can’t lead you to chart success.

If your data is not safe, then it is for sure that your project integrity is not secure either.

This is why it is important to consider the security options that your task management platform is offering.

For instance, the level of encryption they are offering if they host their software online.

Ideally, your software provider should provide you with a dedicated hosting platform, to ensure that data is protected against any sorts of breaches and unauthorized access.

7. Simplicity

Your task management must be easy to use and should not require extensive training and manuals to be acquainted with.

Look for a platform that is undemanding to use and is suitable for your business.

One good practice is to look for tools that provide you with free trials before making the actual purchase.

This will help you in understanding the tool better in terms of user experience, which is very important and other capabilities as well.

The best task assignment app will go beyond having a pleasant interface and demonstrate the ease of use for all users.

This helps in advocating productivity instead of delays when it comes to working.

8. Consolidation

Using multiple tools to manage projects will only create complications and create room for more human errors.

A consolidated task assignment app will help in processing all aspects of project management together.

An excellent task and project management tool will help you track various activities such as status tracking, risk management, progress tracking without any additional tools.

9. Time Sheets

Always go task assignment app that incorporates timesheets, as this will help you in keeping a track of the tasks.

It cannot only help to provide early warnings regarding the delays in the progress, but it will also enable you to check the validity of task estimates.

Most importantly, your team members should be at ease when it comes to completing the timesheets.

10. Real-Time Reporting

With real-time reporting features, you will always be able to pull data from various areas of the task assignment app, which you can immediately use to yield reports about the performance of the project.

Having real-time data about the progress of the project will help you take action to channel the efforts in the right direction if you find them derailing.

This helps in ensuring quality and enabling you to take corrective actions before it’s too late

11. Professional Interface

There are hundreds of daily task manager app in the market, but most of them happen to have an old-fashioned interface.

Although functionality is what matters the most, having a platform that is attractive won’t hurt you.

Having a professional interface will only help in speeding things up.

With everything organized, you won’t be struggling to find things that are urgently needed for completing tasks.

This helps your team stay both effective and efficient.

12. Integration

The software you choose for your organization must work well with other communications, reporting and accounting systems that are deployed in your company.

Before you invest your money in any daily task manager app be sure that it is compatible with the current systems in your organization.

The more integration options it has, the better it is for you!

13. Help and Support

You just can’t expect everything to be perfect and don’t expect your tool to be invulnerable from bogging down.

Project and task management tools will always have their issues and when they lag, break down or drastically impede the productivity of your team, you will have to call the support for the rescue.

It is not wise to reach a conclusion without knowing what existing customers think about customer support.

The best task app will have all the information pertaining to your queries in their resources such as FAQs, emails, chats, knowledgebase, and phone calls.

14. Task Management

Your daily task manager app should provide you with the task management features, as your task list is the start of all Gantt charts.

Your platform should include the ability to assign tasks to the related personnel in the team to ensure that they remain focused.

Besides, it should also allow you to set the order of tasks the way you want – it could be grouping them together- and adding completion dates to them.

Also, if you are able to send out emails reminding the team about pending tasks is another bonus.


Taking the leap to user-friendly, improved project and task management tools is the first step to ensure that all the projects in the pipeline will be executed efficiently from conception to implementation to tracking.

We have listed 14 factors that you should consider when planning to buy time planner app.

You can choose the most important ones and set on the course for hunting the best task app for your needs.

Just don’t rush into things and take hasty decisions, take your time and look for the potential software that has the majority of these features to make things easy for you and your team like a Week Plan.

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