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Did you just book your favorite escape room game? And now, you are compiling all the best tips and tricks to ace your first game? Well, if that is the case, you have come to just the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss 9 escape room tips that can help you beat any escape room game like a pro! 

Pick the right teammates and group size 

Escape room games are designed for a set number of players. This makes it crucial to pick the right teammates. If you opt for a larger team, the chances are that it might get too clustered and overcrowded inside the room. Furthermore, it is important to participate in this game with a group of people that you trust. It is a challenging game that puts pressure on your brain. Thus, we recommend you pick the players that can function well in each other’s company and cooperate to work together.  

Understand the storyline  

It is a well-known fact that escape games come with brain-twisting concepts. These games are intricately designed around mysterious storylines. The plots can range from blood-curdling murder mysteries to Sci-Fi thrillers. As we all know, the entire room is designed with the storyline in mind. So, when your host introduces you to the storyline, make sure to stay extremely attentive. Most of the time, the crucial pointers are hidden in the plot itself. So, we advise you to stay alert and on the lookout for any hidden clues.  

Curate a plan 

We advise you to have a strategic approach throughout this game. This is so because escape room games are notorious for engulfing the players in their immersive world-building. So much so that they forget to keep an eye on the ticking clock. So, if you and your teammates step inside an escape room without a plan, the chances are that you will keep pondering around, and the time will run out. Instead of having a very casual approach, try to come up with a strategic plan. Make sure that you assign some tasks and rules to all your team members. This will enable better communication and eliminate the chances of conflicts. 

Communicate with your team 

Escape room games are meant to be played with a group. These are perfect mysteries to stir your brain juices! However, it is normal for players to get caught up in the never-ending mysteries of these mini-dungeons. Players find themselves wandering around for clues and hints. Sometimes, players often drift away from their team. This eventually results in every team member working in a different direction. Unfortunately, this type of strategy is not very helpful as players make significantly less progress. So, we suggest that you communicate with your team members from time to time. This will allow you to work together in the direction of solving the mystery.  

Do not hesitate to point out loudly  

Escape room games are cleverly designed with clues hidden in every corner of the tiny room. Players often get extremely indulged in the storyline and the intricately designed interior. This often leaves them bewitched by the mystery, and they often forget to point out all the clues. So, if you happen to come across any uncertain setting or a possible clue, do not hesitate to point it out loudly. This will enable your team to stay alert and aware throughout the game. By pointing out your discovery, you will be working together in the right direction more efficiently. 

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss 

It might sound counter-productive, but there are certain aspects of an escape room game that are meant to be ignored. Sometimes, a seemingly possible clue can just be a simple artifact that has no relation to solving the mystery. Therefore, it is extremely important to stay alert and aware of your surroundings. Most of the time, the escape rooms label the insignificant parts. Others don’t like to state it out loud. So, here are some general things that you can keep in mind.  

  • Power outlets – undeniably, it is never a good idea to mess with the power outlets. This is so because it can result in extreme injuries. Therefore, you must always confirm with your host if the power outlets are off-limit or not. 
  • Drop ceiling tiles – these are not the best places to look for clues. We suggest that you stay away from the ceiling tiles and even avoid touching these. This is so because it can result in a severe accident.  

Try to be organized  

You and your teammates are likely going to be consumed by the mayhem inside an escape room. The mind-bending mysteries combined with the ticking clock can create a sensation of pressure. In this situation, players often get clumsy with all the clues and hints. Therefore, you must try to be extremely organized. If you come across any hints and clues, make sure to organize them somewhere. This will help your team to save time as well as some brain cells. 

Pay attention to your host 

In every escape room, the players are assigned a host. This host usually monitors the team throughout the game and answers all the queries. It is the responsibility of your host to introduce you to the various concepts as well as the storyline of your escape game. Therefore, you must pay attention to your house as most of the time, and they are giving subtle hints in their dialogue. If you are clever enough to unravel their brain-teasing hints, you and your team might get a step closer to the victory. 

Ask for hints  

Sometimes, in escape room games and the players might eventually get back to square one, right from where they started in the first place. This can be quite overwhelming. Thus, most escape room games offer several numbers of hints. So, if you and your teammates realize that you are running out of time, take advantage of this. Simply ask your host to give you the hints and work in the correct direction from thereon. This will save you from wasting time! 

Try out some of these tricks to ace your next escape room like a pro! 

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