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Netgear Router is Flashing Red

Are you constantly witnessing red light on your Netgear router? Has it started scaring you? When did you first notice this problem? Weeks? Months? Which is even worse! No matter how long you’ve been dealing with this problem, you’ll find solutions in this article. Right from the unstable electricity supply to the pending Netgear router firmware update, various reasons join hands together to create this issue. If you’re having trouble with the red light on your Netgear WiFi router, try the solutions provided in this post. You’ll find them helpful. But, prior to that, we want to shed some light on the reasons behind the problem.

Why is Your Netgear Router Flashing Red?

People who have a Netgear wireless router may wonder what caused it to act strangely and flash red. Stop wondering why your Netgear is blinking red; we’ve compiled a list of the most common causes.

  1. Discouragingly poor WiFi connection
  1. The router and modem have a shaky connection
  1. Cables aren’t properly connected
  1. Your router has out-of-date firmware

Understanding the root cause of your Netgear router’s disco-like behavior is the first step in fixing the problem. Now, let’s focus on getting the red-light issue fixed.

How to Fix Red Light on Your Netgear Router?

The most effective solutions for fixing the red light on the Netgear router have been listed below. If you want to get it resolved in a jiffy, it is advised you stick to reading and carefully follow the troubleshooting techniques.

  1. Upgrade the Netgear Firmware

If your Netgear WiFi router is showing red light for no apparent reason, consider updating the firmware. To ensure a smooth WiFi experience, update the firmware on your Netgear router before you connect. Doing firmware update via the setup dashboard is like a cakewalk. Following these steps will allow you to upgrade the firmware on your device:

  • Push the Power button on your Netgear wireless router and get it going.
  • Run an Ethernet connection from the modem to the router.
  • Launch your computer’s web browser.
  • To access the control panel, put the default URL into the address box and hit Enter.
  • After filling in the required information, you will be able to make your way to the Netgear router dashboard.
  • Just choose the “Settings” menu item.
  • Comply with the on-screen instructions to upgrade the Netgear router firmware if one is available.
  1. Align the Router and Modem Connection

If your Netgear wireless router isn’t correctly synchronized with the host modem, it might also explain its red blinking light. So, read on to learn how to effectively sync your WiFi devices by following the guidelines provided. Two methods are available for your help when it comes to establishing the router-modem connection. These methods are – wired and wireless. However, it is advised to go with a well-working cable when a wired source is chosen whereas devices need to be close to each other for a secure wireless connection.

Check whether the Netgear router red light problem still exists after the router has properly synchronized with the modem. In such a case, you may want to try resetting your wireless router.

  1. Perform Factory Reset of Router

There are two options for returning your Netgear device to its original, factory settings. You may use the Nighthawk app or you can hit the Reset button. The steps necessary to factory reset your Netgear wireless router are detailed here:

  • The router’s connection to the modem must be secure.
  • When it doesn’t work, it’s time to look for the WiFi router’s Reset button.
  • Press the button cautiously once you’ve located it.


With that, you will be able to get rid of Netgear router red light problem. But, as the router has been taken back to the factory-issued configuration, you are required to reconfigure it. The steps to set up the device can be found in the corresponding guide you’ve got at the time of purchase whether you are seeking Netgear AC750 router setup instructions or need to install another router model.

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