How AR-Based Virtual Product Try-On Solutions Transform Retail Industry

How AR-Based Virtual Product Try-On Solutions Transform Retail Industry

Advanced AR product solutions transform the entire retail industry with their futuristic use cases. In addition, the technology can empower the e-commerce industry with its virtual product try-on feature.

With a virtual product try-on feature, customers can try a product using their smartphone’s camera. This advanced AR technology comes with better facial recognition and 3d modelling that delivers an interactive and realistic customer experience. As a result, virtual product try-on has become one of the greatest ways to test, promote, and upsell new products with ultimate ease.

Zeal is a leading AR solution company that delivers top-notch and interactive solutions to accelerate your E-Commerce business across varied customer demographics.

How Does Virtual Product Try-On Work?

With virtual product try-on, customers can use their smartphones to view products in a simulated environment. First, they need to download the app and scan the product’s QR code. The customer can then select the product’s colour and size. After that, they can either take a selfie or use their phone’s front camera to superimpose the product on their body.

These apps are built on SDKs like Banuba, DeepAR, and HyprSENSE that use the latest in computer vision and 3D modelling. As a result, they can accurately map the customer’s facial features and superimpose the product on their body in a realistic way.

Zeal can help product companies deliver an interactive buying experience to their customers. For instance, your customers can open the app, try on virtual shoes, browse different colours or designs, and finally buy shoes of their preference.

Virtual Product Try-On Use Cases:

Virtual Product Try-On Use Cases:

Augmented reality virtual product development offers a wide range of use cases for industries, especially fashion and retail. Some of the transforming use-cases of augmented reality technology are:

Virtual product hands-on:

The product is rendered in 3D and can be customised by the customer as if it were a physical product. The customers can see how the product looks from different angles and even feel the product’s weight and texture.

Virtual dressing room:

The virtual dressing room is one of the most popular augmented reality use cases in retail. It allows customers to try on clothes virtually without going to a store. Customers can select different clothing, accessories, and even makeup to try them on. This virtual outfit feature lets your customers try hundreds of products without leaving their house.

Realistic product marketing:

You can create a real product experience for your customers with augmented reality. For example, you can use 3D renders of the product and create an immersive experience that will let the customer explore every detail of the product. It is a great way to increase customer engagement and encourage them to buy the product.

Product demonstration:

Augmented reality is ideal for demonstrating how a product works. For example, you can use video or gifs to show how the product is used and how it functions. It is a great way to help your customers understand how the product works and increase their confidence in buying it.

Social media AR filters:

AR is an effective way to engage your customers on social media. You can create custom filters for your products that customers can use on their selfies. It will help promote your product and increase brand awareness. Social media AR filters work best for products that have a visual appeal. As social media platforms are booming across customers, AR enables customers to have an interactive experience with their favourite brands.

3D product model:

You can also use augmented reality to create 3D product models. It will help your customers see the product from all angles and better understand its design and features. You can also use 3D product models to create product catalogues and help customers choose their preferred product.

Virtual Product Development Benefits for Your Business:

Zeal understands your business and delivers a custom solution that brings in several benefits to your company, including:

Higher sales:

Augmented reality for product visualisation can help you increase your sales by providing a more interactive buying experience for your customers. With AR, customers can explore products in detail and better understand how they work. It will encourage them to buy the right product that suits their requirements.

Increased brand awareness:

AR is a great way to increase brand awareness. You can create engaging content that will attract the attention of your customers. You can also use AR filters on social media to promote your product.

Seamless customer engagement:

AR improves customer engagement by providing an immersive and interactive experience. Customers will be more engaged with the product if they can interact with it on a personal level. Moreover, they will be more likely to buy the product if they understand how it works.

Improved return on investment:

AR helps your company improve the ROI rate by upgrading the traditional buying process. For example, customers are more likely to buy a product if they can experience it realistically. With AR, you can provide an in-person product experience to increase customer engagement and encourage them to purchase it.

Higher customer satisfaction:

AR also improves customer satisfaction by providing an enjoyable experience. Customers will appreciate the effort you put into giving an interactive experience tailored to their needs. It will encourage them to return to your store and buy more products in the future.

A better understanding of customer preference:

AR can also help you understand the preferences of your customers. For example, you can track customers’ interactions with your product and use this data to improve future products. It will help you understand what your customers want and provide them with their desired products.

Why Choose Zeal for Virtual Product Try-On Solutions?

Why Choose Zeal forVirtual Product Try-On Solutions?

Zeal is a leading augmented reality company offering interactive AR solutions for your business. With years of experience in delivering AR solutions across multiple industries, we offer you:

Interactive AR app development:

We develop interactive AR apps that provide a more immersive experience for your customers. Our apps offer a great customer experience and cater to all your business requirements.

WebAR development:

Deliver a seamless AR experience without any device dependency with our WebAR solutions. Our solutions are cross-platform and work on all devices that let you scale your business exponentially.

Mixed reality services:

Augment your physical world with our mixed reality services that provide your customers with a realistic and interactive experience. Our MR solutions are perfect for retail and e-commerce businesses that want to offer an immersive experience to their customers.

Get in touch with Zeal at to explore more about virtual try-on augmented reality solutions for your business.