Pressure washing, known by many other names such as water cleaning, pressure washes or water cleaning, refers to the use of water that moves at high speed. It is often used as a cleaner in materials such as concrete. After concentrating on the water pressure that creates the force, it can remove the film and coating, rubber pavement, rubber track, road paint, steel and walls. Process – low pressure, high pressure water washing, high pressure water injection, ultra high pressure water injection.


Pressure washing is used for surface preparation,

 Removal of airport rubber, general cleaning of surfaces. The cleaning method used depends on the surface to be cleaned. You need to understand that using the wrong method can cause more damage than you can imagine. Surface cleaning requires some knowledge of the type of chemicals used and the pressure to be applied. Inexperienced hands can cause unnecessary damage and additional costs.

Pressure washing is effective when using detergent.

 Cleaners are simple household detergents or bleach or soap and plain water. This cleaner helps emulsify mold, mildew and dirt, making cleaning easier and faster. When you clean the surface, it is important that these things do not get into the wood or wood. If it becomes sticky, wash it thoroughly.

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Low pressure cleaning allows the use of cleaners to reduce pressure levels. Larger diameter nozzles can be used. In this way, pressure is reduced without damaging the fluid. Less stress means less surface damage. Pressure washing usually means high pressure washing. Most of these washers can handle about 2,500 to 4,000 pounds per square inch. Rotary nozzles or turbo nozzles are good for high cleaning. Applying a pressure washer is considered effective. It works best for cleaning compacted concrete surfaces such as driveways and patios.

Pressure washers are divided into those that use cold water and those that use hot water.

 The latter provides additional drying power, but unlike the former, does not require high pressure. Hot water cleans better compared to cold water. In this case, the burner is connected to the pressure device, which heats the water. Burners usually use propane, kerosene or diesel fuel. However, care must be taken with hot water because it can damage some parts.

The type or method of pressure cleaning you want to use depends largely on the surface being cleaned. Also, the choice of method depends on the use (at home or in the office). Once you understand the processes involved and the rules involved, pressure washing can be an effective cleaning tool.

High Pressure cleaning sunshine coast also called wet cleaning and wet cleaning. High-pressure cleaning usually means running water at high speeds to remove dirt and other particles from the surface. By concentrating on water and applying more pressure, enough power can be obtained to remove things like:

  • Iron on the wall
  • Rubber from the airport terminal
  • Films and screens can be removed from the computer
  • Take the tires off the road

Removes dirt and stains from the bathroom, kitchen, floor tiles, etc.

Pressure washing requires different pressures and water reactions. Steel Structures Painting Council or SSPC water pressure standard has four main strengths. As a professional cleaner, it is important to know which types of pressure are suitable for the surface being treated and the cleaning process.

  • Below 5000 psi – Low pressure
  • 5,000 to 10,000 psi – Pressure gauge
  • 10,000 – 25,000 – water jet
  • More than 25,000 psi – Ultra High Pressure injection
  • Tips for using a pressure washer

There are two types of pressure washers on the market: electric and gas. In general, gas compressors provide higher pressure than electric compressors, which typically provide 1,700 psi. Pressure washers also have nozzles that allow pressure to be adjusted to different surfaces and materials. Intermediate models are the most common because they are flexible and can clean everything from floor tiles to carpets.