Amongst the many successful ways to acquire and retain customers is email marketing. However, the catch is that email marketing is way more than just bombarding your potential customers and prospects.  

Email marketing is a very potent tool to establish a personal connection with your customers, given that you use it that way. Most of the time, business owners treat email marketing as just another way to boost sales and make profits. However, they don’t realize that email marketing can help them in a much greater way by helping them establish a personal rapport with your customers, whether they’re potential ones or existing ones.  


For every organization, whether it be a retailer in California or the mystery rooms Bangalore, establishing an interpersonal dynamic with the customer is the key to growth. This requires a connection on a more private level, preferably through conversations. This helps in customers returning for your services over and over and helps in building customer loyalty.  

Email marketing can work wonderfully, be it to relay your ads or connect with your customers. The trick lies in using it correctly to your advantage. In this blog post, we will be discussing 6 ways to connect with customers via email marketing.  

1. Take the personal connect approach  

As we stated earlier, creating a personal connection with your customers is crucial and one of the best ways to retain them as customers. People like to be made feel special. Also, it is a psychological fact that when you address people by their names, they tend to like you more. So, why not use this trick to drive better customer relationships? Instead of going for an umbrella approach, put in a little extra effort and just incorporate people’s names in each email. You are going to be surprised how this one thing can immensely help you with your sales and build customer loyalty.   

2. Make sure your email is in sync with the aesthetic of your website  

Believe it or not, how you present yourself is very crucial. How you appear is how your customers identify you. Hence, it is very important to keep your appearance and aesthetic consistent throughout all the platforms where you are important, including emails. Businesses do not tend to invest much when it comes to email marketing. However, when you keep with the aesthetic, it increases the chances of your customers to easily identify amongst the several emails in their inbox. Standing out with your aesthetic will help your customers identify you wherever they see you. It also increases the chances of them opening and reading your emails, which is often the biggest challenge to tackle when it comes to email marketing.   

3. Add that creative flair to your signature  

Email signatures are another great way to connect with your customers on a personal level and include a lot of other important information. You can add a link to your social media handles, LinkedIn handles, contact information, address, and calls to action. Email signatures are as much a part of your email as any other information. Do not make the mistake of treating it as an afterthought because it is a central part to help your customers identify you further. Hence, we highly suggest adding a signature to your emails if you have not been doing that already.   

4. Emails should bring value to your customers  

Nothing is worse than marketing through redundant content. It is completely alright if your emails are short, but whatever content they deliver has to be of value. Moreover, people do not prefer reading too much information in one go. They want everything summarized, possibly within a hundred words. Hence, pay attention to quality rather than quantity. Work towards resolving redundancy issues and deliver content that is short, crisp, and delivers your message with ease. You can deliver value by providing information that many customers might not be aware of or answering a set of questions. Whatever you do, just make sure that every sentence that your customers read shares some sort of valuable information and isn’t just there for decoration purposes.   

5. Work on the titles  

The most common reason why most emails go unopened or sent to the spam folder is that the title sucks. No, we mean it. The subject of your email is the make or break factor of whether the recipients are going to open your email or not. It does not matter how great content you write if you can’t convince your customers to open the email itself. Hence, it is crucial that you make your subjects catchy and open-worthy.  

6. Curate existing content  

Experiencing writer’s block is very natural. However, it can be very annoying sometimes, too, especially when you are unable to come up with any ideas at all. This is where reworking your old content comes in handy. You can select the content that did well on your website and use it as the content for your emails. If you’ve been keeping track of the analytics, you must already be aware of which content performed well. Use that to your advantage, especially when you are facing writer’s block.  

Final thoughts  

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reap profits. It’s inexpensive, and the return on it is high. For every $1, the ROI is $38. Hence, if you’re not using email marketing, you are missing out.

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