The trend of streaming games on Twitch and other platforms is increasingly becoming popular. Global eSports events, prizes, and many factors have added to this increase. But there are some things you should do before getting started and becoming a successful streamer.  

Among other things, you may want to upgrade your internet connection. A stable and fast internet to support both the game and your stream is crucial. You can contact Spectrum call center and discuss such requirements. Take a similar approach if you are a customer of some other ISP. But getting a solid internet connection is one thing, there are other things you have to consider as well.

The following are the things you can consider for game streaming in 2022:

Good PC Specifications

The latest video games are usually very demanding when it comes to your computer’s resources. Therefore, just to play these games, you need good device specifications like solid more RAM, SSD storage, and high-end graphic cards. And these are only the requirements to play your games smoothly. Besides these CPU requirements, you may also want to buy a monitor to support higher refresh rates.   

All that is to just play one of the latest games. But to stream those games without a lot of trouble, the requirements for device specifications go up. Not understanding your gaming and streaming requirements can affect the quality of streams. So, it is best to have a clear idea of your needs and budget accordingly.  

Streaming Gear 

If you are considering video game streaming for the long term, it is best to invest in streaming equipment. Streaming is different from attending Zoom meetings or online classes, the quality of both your audio and video counts a lot. So, it is best to be prepared to invest in suitable streaming gear. 

You can look for cameras and microphones online. It is best to do thorough research before a particular product. The best part is that there are so many options out there to choose from. You may find the products suitable for your requirements within your budget. 

Flashy Additions 

A gaming setup and streaming gear are essential when you are planning to start streaming. So, always prioritize them first. If you have the budget, you can go for flashy additions like an RGB mouse, mechanical RGB keyboard, and other things. Also, a regular computer chair is good enough to start streaming. But again, if you want the streamer experience and budget, you can go for a gamer chair. Other flashy additions you can add to your setup are multiple monitors at a later stage.   

When you start streaming, it is best to follow the trends. If you are playing games that most viewers are not interested in watching, you may not get views. Therefore, it is best to be aware of the trends. See what games are getting solid viewership on the platform of your choice. Popular game streaming platforms are Twitch, Facebook Gaming, and YouTube Gaming. Look up the platform of your choice to see what games more people are interested in watching. Install those games and join the trend. To stay updated with the trends, consider following popular streamers. 

Also, these trends keep changing over time. For example, Among Us was more trending in 2020 compared to now. Now games like Valorant and League of Legends may have better viewership. So, be open to adapting to the changes in trends.   

Being aware of what people want to watch can help you get started in the right direction from the very start. As you start to gain popularity on these platforms, following the trends would become less important. 

Consistency in Streaming 

Consistency is generally the key when it comes to success in a field. The same applies to video game streaming as well. Set a routine for streaming and adhere to it. When you consistently stream every day (or whatever days you decide), you can be more successful in building an audience. And that audience helps you further get better reach on the platform. 

Benefits of streaming every day include better expertise as a game. You can get better as you keep playing. Also, you can build a loyal fan base by engaging with them every day. Streaming every day is more important when you are new. Later, you can share your schedule with your audience and get more flexibility.  


Besides your expertise in playing games, there are different things you have to consider to become a successful streamer. You need proper gaming and streaming setup, knowledge of the trends, and consistency in streaming. Also, good-looking additions like RGB lights can be a plus. Considering these things can help you get started as a game streamer in 2022.