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Virtual Numbers

Virtual numbers are cloud-based communication numbers. Virtual call center solutions are used by businesses for routing incoming calls to agents as per the request of customers. Virtual call center solutions help businesses to attend multiple calls every day and reduce the call burden. When a business calls, it is automatically diverted to a designated phone number that connects with a department or an agent.

The Benefits of Virtual Numbers

Virtual call center solution is used popularly by almost all industries. It also highly benefits businesses of all sizes. Businesses investing in virtual call center solutions can use it for customer satisfaction, seamless communication, creating lead generation, etc. The features of virtual numbers that benefits a business are-

  1. IVR menu

Virtual numbers with an integrated IVR multi-level menu helps businesses to offer services and solutions to the customer at the tip of the finger. The menu is customizable and is a valuable tool for customer service delivery. A business can make the best use of it by offering appropriate options. A customer can get every needed service, solution as well as information from the menu without any assistance.

  1. Call routing:

If a customer needs further assistance, the call can be automatically routed to an agent or a department. Call routing is instant which helps with no wait time and direct interaction. It reduces the manual work of the agent and offers them more productive time. It also helps in easy navigation to access instant solutions and services.

  1. Call recording:

With virtual call center solutions, all calls are automatically recorded. It reduces the work of the agents and also the probability of missing recording a call. It helps the business to maintain a call log database. The recorded calls also offer one-on-one conversation insights that help a business in monitoring every call.

  1. Multi-lingual support:

The solution offers multi-lingual support that helps a business to offer different language options for the customers. This feature helps a business to be more accessible and acceptable to the customers. It reduces language barriers to communication. Multi-lingual feature of a virtual call center solution also supports a business to expand market reach in both national and international markets.

  1. Concurrent calls:

Virtual call center solution helps a business to attend concurrent calls. It is best utilized to attend to huge call volumes. The concurrent call feature assists a business in making every call count. It ensures quality communication even when the business attends to thousands of calls every hour. It helps a business to offer undivided attention to each caller and then move to the next caller.

  1. Number masking:

Virtual numbers offer call masking that helps a business offer privacy and security to customers. Number masking hides the details of both the caller and the agent during a call. It helps a business to maintain good customer rapport and provide seamless communication with any risk of information leakage. Number masking is very beneficial in the techno-driven world where cybercrime is a great threat. Number masking makes communication easier and smooth.

  1. Real-time data insights:

As every call is recorded it provides real-time insights. The calls can be tracked and every call is monitored. It helps a business to get closer insights into the caller and the agent. The agent’s performance is monitored which includes call wait time, behavior, resolution time, nature of the assistance, call duration, customer feedback, etc. At the same time, the caller’s behavior, concern about the call, the need for assistance, customer satisfaction, etc. are recorded. It helps a business train agents as per the changing needs and demands of the market. It also supports appreciating agents for their work and makes a workplace more active. It helps to identify patterns of concerns or assistance as per the calls. A business can use it to work on it better service delivery and to enhance customer satisfaction.

Some of The Limitations of Virtual Numbers

  1. One major limitation is that the connectivity of virtual numbers is dependent on the internet. Seamless communication depends on internet speed and connectivity. It can cause an interruption in service delivery and communication.
  2. Virtual numbers are always available for communication which may lead to work burden and eventually burnout.
  3. As the solution relies on data connection, it may not be budget-friendly. As plans use minutes, it may cost more monetary investment and not be economical.
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