5 Tips To Install Hidden Cameras At Your Home For Security

The need for hidden cameras has increased with the ever-increasing crime rates. It is hard to keep a guard around everyone every time, which is very uncomfortable for people. Hidden cameras allow you to monitor people within your premises without them pretending and being comfortable.

In the current scenario where office harassment cases are at an all-time high rate, it is necessary to have hidden cameras to safeguard people and provide evidence in case of any such problem. Not only safety but team productivity is also affected by hidden cameras. When under the idea of being watched, the human psyche makes people act differently than they usually do. People are more attentive toward their work or activity when under a watchful eye. When people know they are being observed, they tend to perform better at work.

Hidden cameras are everywhere, but only well-placed cameras can perform their role well. Why call it a hidden camera when you people can spot it easily? This article will discuss the best ways to set up hidden cameras for Security.

Five Tips to Install Hidden Cameras at home for Security

Hidden security cameras require tactful installation so that their purpose is achieved. Only skilled professionals can perform this task well. If you try to set these up yourself, you may fail miserably, wasting your money. The electricity connection and wirings are too complex, requiring tactful handling.

You may not get installing hidden camera tips from familiar people, so we have jotted down some essential tips in this article for you to learn from. These tips are stated below;

1. Choose Wired or Wireless Hidden Cameras

If you are still shopping for security cameras, you may have to choose between wired and wireless. Wired security cameras must be installed near a power source as the wires can be long but up to a specific limit.

Wired security cameras send signals to the central hub through Power Over Ethernet cables. You can place them anywhere the wires can reach, running through the walls and ceiling. Wireless cameras are signals based, so they can be placed at any possible location and are easier to hide.

2. Monitor Major Areas

Only some areas of the house need security cameras because of the lack of possible attacks. Bedrooms and bathrooms are private, so they must be kept away from them for ethical reasons. Any possible intrusion occurs from the entrances or the exposed areas.

Intruders cannot dig a hole in the ground into your home or break the walls; the only possible entry sites are back doors and entrances. The key areas to be protected are:

  • Front door
  • First-floor window
  • Back door
  • Garage
  • Backyard
  • Driveway

These are all the most vulnerable sites that are easy to attack and those that are otherwise not protected, so they need a monitoring device.

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3. Position Cameras Perfectly

Hidden cameras need to be placed well so that onlookers have no idea they are being watched. Corners are the best site to position the hidden security cameras as they can be concealed well using decorative items or imitating as a fancy light source.

The cameras can be positioned outdoors so that the already present items or things might conceal them. For example, placing cameras in the bunch of leaves or bushes that may grow on the wall may hide them well and make people less suspicious about it. Care needs to be taken in setting the lens of the camera so that no leaf appears in front of the lens.

4. Know Your Power Source

Often the power sources are present in prominent places. Since the wired hidden cameras require a power source for connection, they must be near the source. The wiring may make one suspicious of the cameras, so it is better to use the nearest possible power source, which has other connections, so that the cameras are hidden well.

5. Choose Ideal Height

For the resolution of the image recorded on the security camera to be visible enough, the camera needs to be at just the right height. If they are placed too high, the faces of individuals may not be visible enough. On the other hand, if the cameras are set too low, they can be easily detected and may not be able to monitor a vast area.

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