5 Reasons Your YouTube Videos Aren't Getting Views

One of the best reasons to start making YouTube videos is to get exposure. After all, it can be exciting to think about all of those people you’ll be influencing. But what if you don’t get the number of views you anticipated?

Here are five possible reasons your YouTube videos aren’t getting the views you desire.

Inconsistent Content

When audiences click on your videos, inconsistent content can lead to confusion and frustration. Audiences will wonder what your videos and channel are about. Someone who clicks on one of your videos is probably expecting all of your videos to be similar to that one. For instance, if a person clicks on a video you made about painting, all of your videos should be related to this topic. Although not committing to one topic can make you appear disorganized or even unprofessional, you might not notice how you look to others. Plus, it can be more challenging to rank on YouTube since the algorithm places a high value on consistency. On the bright side, you have the opportunity to improve this issue by being consistent.

Videos Start Off Boring

If you think about it, the first thing audiences see is the beginning of a video. This means your videos need to start off interesting so people won’t want to leave right away. Further, audiences may avoid watching your other videos.

When you create videos, it can help to imagine what grabs your attention and holds it because chances are everyone else feels the same way you do. Further, one of the smartest ways to grab and hold someone’s attention can be to create videos that you genuinely enjoy. Having a real passion for what you do can show in your videos.

Poor Audio Quality

Possibly the most overlooked problem where views are concerned may be poor audio quality. Yet, this is one of the key elements that make a great video even better. To illustrate, imagine you’re watching a video and it provides everything you’re looking for except high-quality audio. This can make the video so cringe-worthy that you may end up finding another video to watch and never go back to the same channel.

Therefore, if you’re serious about your YouTube channel, you need to purchase high-quality sound equipment to make your videos more watchable.

In addition, the music and the sounds in the video need to be appealing to your audience. You may consider purchasing a royalty-free music library to ensure that you have plenty of options for your videos.

Not Responding to Comments

One reason why people often flock to YouTube is to spend time socializing. So if you don’t engage with individuals in the comments on a regular basis, this can make audiences search for someone who will. After all, people want to interact to gain a sense of who you are.

Plus, you’ll appear more human and likable and your audience will likely remember your kind replies. Moreover, it can be helpful to keep a positive mindset because your own negative energy may show up in your replies one way or another.

Videos Lack Value

If you take time to observe videos that get thousands or even millions of views, one thing you’ll probably notice is value. Audiences are going back to watch because these videos provide meaning or purpose somehow. There’s no need to worry too much if your videos lack this since all you need is to put in the extra time and effort to increase your views. But one reason why your videos might lack value is that you lack passion for your work. In this case, you could either find a way to create passion in making videos, or you might need to find another hobby or way of earning passive income.


In light of this information, getting more YouTube views can be easier if you have an idea of what you need to fix. So now that you have some tips on what to improve, you can analyze your problem and take action to gain views. Good luck!