Research shows that over 20% of users delete downloaded apps within a matter of minutes. Apps must be fast and offer a great user experience to avoid being forgotten. These are some of the nuances to consider before you begin.

Target audience

You need to research the connections between your target audience, Apple users, and iOS applications.

Statistics show that Apple users are predominantly male. However, you shouldn’t limit your marketing strategies to only men. You might consider a more general approach, such as focusing on the solvent audience. These are usually people with higher education and who are in managerial positions.

It is also important to consider the geographical aspect. A particular mobile platform dominates a country depending on its level of development and the income of its residents. Which market are you most interested in? Maybe you should consider working with a market you have previously put aside.

It is important to consider whether your application will be available for all users or just a small number of them and if it can solve narrowly defined tasks. If the application is in the eLearning industry, it could be teacher-oriented or student-oriented.

Are there any difficulties in understanding your audience? To analyze your target audience, use services like Statista or App Data.

Monetization of mobile apps

The most important benefit of iOS app programming, according to practice, is making money. Here are some ideas for monetizing your iOS app.

  • In-app purchases
  • In-app advertisement
  • Subscription business model
  • Payment for downloading

If you are interested in downloading for free, iOS is the best option. Apple users are more likely than Android users to pay for apps, while Android users tend to make in-app purchases.

If you have lots of money and spare time, it is worthwhile to start with iOS apps. You will need to pay for server space and third-party services, including iOS app development services. These are often obvious during development and make it possible to create high-quality iOS apps. However, a good monetization strategy can make up the difference.

Return on investment

The AppStore’s worldwide revenue for the first half of 2020 was almost double that of Google Play. AppStore revenue is $32.8B and Google Play revenue is $17.3B.

iOS app development is clear, it’s important to consider the costs and potential profits to determine how profitable an application would be. Below are some factors to consider when calculating payback.

Four factors to determine iOS app ROI

Beauty and aesthetics must be second when it comes to recouping the investment. It is important to ensure that the application is viewed as a business tool for establishing and maintaining long-term, beneficial relationships with users.

Mobile apps have been an integral part of any business’s marketing strategy for a long time. It is not easy to measure the return on investment for an app. A business can measure ROI to determine vital performance indicators like LTV (lifetime value), CPA (cost per acquisition), and cost of audience engagement.

There are many steps involved in measuring ROI, which cannot be overlooked.

Business goals

If the application proves to be unprofitable, you should reconsider your business goals, including those at which it is directed. You will decide the goals and calculate their effectiveness.


It should include the costs of development as well as the maintenance and updates of the application each month. You should also budget for contingencies such as failure or the urgent need for additional functionality. ).

KPIs (key performance indicators)

The number of customers returning to a company is a success indicator. Determine if the application helps in achieving that key performance indicator. It is important that the functionality of the application be linked to business KPIs. Analytics should also be set up to display the application’s performance.

Comparison of KPIs and Investment

This comparison should be made when it is possible to predict the period of application performance during which improvements will be made and maintained.

Success requires resources, both money and time. Can you name at least one product that has been a huge success for your business? If your marketing strategy is well-constructed, you can expect to profit and increase awareness. This is possible when you work with experienced marketing professionals and developers.

There are many reasons to choose an iOS platform for your business

Do you still have a desire to get started with iOS app development? Here are some reasons that developing an iOS app is a great option.

More money

Despite the fact there are more Android users than Android apps, iOS products are more lucrative in terms of monetization.

Apple users are more financially savvy and it’s a privilege to have Apple products. Apple products are worth the investment. Isn’t it the foundation of healthy market relations to provide quality products for your customers and a large base of paying customers?

For many years, the right audience

Apple’s innovative technology attracts tech-savvy customers. Focusing on advanced users makes Apple’s audience more innovative, forward-thinking, and loyal. You know that brand advocates are people who are able to use technology well and become advocates for others.

Trustworthiness at an incredibly high level

App Store approval is a sign of high quality. No application will be made available for download without Apple’s careful approval. It will indicate that the company is trustworthy and the application is well worth the time and money of the user. This will lead to greater trust in your business and increased loyalty.

Quality and security are more important than appearance or cheapness

Apple is a company that is focused on security and performance, while other manufacturers are trying to attract customers with attractive devices. The quality and reliability of an electronics product are more important than its appearance, as demonstrated by years of experience using them. IOS app development can be one of the best investments that a company can make in its future.

Bottom line

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