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We want to help you make the right decision about where to web hosting in lahore your web app. You might have worked with your local team during the initial development phase. Everything works well, there are no issues, and everything is flexible for one reason: you control your environment and manage it under your own rules.

web hosting in lahore, You have spent months developing your application and want it to be successful from the launch date. Therefore, it is best to read this note before you decide on a shared hosting plan. This will help avoid any last-minute questions and headaches later.

It could be disastrous if you have a simple web application like a shift system and suddenly the hosting stops or slows down. This could lead to losing business for the client using the app. Worst of all, it could cause a reputational crisis for your and your client’s applications, regardless of how often you tell them that there is a problem with their hosting. We don’t want this!

Why not host an app on a shared web hosting plan?

The most popular type of hosting is shared hosting. It allows you to upload and create a small but functional website, blog, or eCommerce. Classic hosting provides the basic functionality to maintain your website online and make your business visible on the Internet. A shared hosting plan will cost you between 4 and 10 dollars monthly. Although investing is tempting, you could end up paying additional costs such as unpleasant situations or other inconveniences.

System Resources

As we have already stated, shared hosting is sufficient for a face-to-face website with low-to-moderate traffic. Because face-to-face websites do not consume a lot of resources, system resources such as RAM and CPU will be allocated in that direction. If your application consumes more resources than usual, it could cause slowness in the browser or other errors.

This means that shared hosting is okay. However, it is better to be focused and think about how it will work in the long term.

Web app owners often comment on shared hosting plans by asking “if my app works with traditional hosting.” What are you looking for more of? -. What you’re buying is stability over time. We know this from experience and want it to be guaranteed.


You might also have limitations if you modify certain variables for your web application to work. Hosting plans allow for some flexibility but are limited to what is required by most presence-oriented sites such as WordPress settings or other CMS.

Some web apps require you to communicate with other systems, query remote databases, duplicate information or perform more complicated tasks. Again, this could be a problem once your plan has been activated.


Scalability is another problem to avoid. Most providers will offer you between 2 and 3 shared hosting options. If you require more space or RAM, you can choose to move to one of these plans. However, you might encounter a peak in your application’s use or need to move to another web hosting in lahore. The provider could also send you notices about consumption, and, in the worst scenario, your account may be suspended, and you will lose access to your app. That is something that no one wants!

“I will host your app on shared hosting until its growth services, I will monitor it, and then I’ll move it if it increases.” This is to be consistent, but in 99 percent of cases, this doesn’t happen, and you end up running when the potatoes are burnt. – Urgent! My app needs to be fixed -. Although your hosting provider will try to restore your service as quickly as possible, it may not be possible for you.


WNPower loves creating optimizations and tools to speed up websites for our customers. However, shared hosting may not allow you to access some of the advanced tools you need to diagnose or run your app. These tools are not available to your business but are intended to help build a website.

Another topic

Shared hosting is a community where you and your neighbors share the same server. Hosting providers are responsible for maintaining peace among neighbors. To ensure the quality of the service, the hosting provider can apply penalties or sanctions to anyone who “exceeds” the limit. In addition, hosting providers will ensure that your site is not impacted by anyone who consumes more than they need.

Even if you have great neighbors, it is essential to ensure you are a good neighbor and not cause inconvenience to others. Because shared hosting is similar to a home where many families live, if your neighbor upstairs makes too much noise, you will soon be annoyed and report it to the consortium administration. They will then sanction you.

What type of hosting should I use to host my app’s website?

Now that you know where to start, here are some suggestions. This section has been divided into different types to help you make an informed decision and choose the right one. The characteristics, platforms, and development languages of the different types of databases and the types of databases used are all the same. However, the engine determines which kind of service is more appropriate.

We all agree that a horse wouldn’t be transported on a bicycle. TRUE?


WNPower Cloud Hosting offers a highly efficient service that can handle moderate to high-traffic websites. It also allows you to host web-type apps, which is the current trend. This service has many advantages. It has enough system resources and has the power and flexibility of a VPS server but has the simplicity of managing a shared hosting plan. In addition, cloud Hosting users love that they can register quickly and have their entire work environment set up and working.

Cloud Hosting offers hundreds of optimizations and exclusive tools created to make managing your website app easier. It also has a cPanel control panel and practically has a technician inside. This is the main star of our service, and it has been awarded to hundreds of clients.

Although you may hear the term “Cloud Hosting,” it is not the only place to find it. Power is the true home of Cloud Hosting. This is because we are the first to choose Amazon AWS as the host for your app. As a result, you can find super affordable Cloud hosting plans. Even better, you’ll find discounts to help you get started.


Cloud VPS is the most well-known cloud virtual server. This virtual machine has an operating system installed and ready to deploy your services, configurations, or app. These virtual machines come in many “colors” or “flavors.” However, WNPower deploys them with much more love, dedication, and care so that your app’s home doesn’t just look like any other one. So what are the advantages of cloud-hosting vs. a Cloud Virtual Private Server? Cloud VPS allows you to do virtually anything within the server since you have “root” access.

Are you tired of managing a server? You don’t have to worry, ask us. There is no charge!

Dedicated Server

The term dedicated server is old-fashioned and a little outdated. It is about having a physical server at all times. Before virtual servers or the Cloud, Dedicated Servers were popular for shared hosting. In the 2000s, whoever owned a dedicated server had absolute power. However, one or more virtual servers can have the same ability or more than a physical server today due to architecture issues and can cost less.

It does have its advantages, but it also adds followers to the “irons.” This type of hosting is best for apps that need too much power to process large orders or huge workloads. However, high availability and high-quality Dedicated Servers can be expensive. They also have the potential hardware failures that could cause downtime (translated to offline time). Sometimes it is easier to divide the load or spread services across multiple VPS to avoid a significant mess.


You are now more knowledgeable about website and app hosting options. Make sure to choose shared hosting for your app. You have invested months in developing your website and gained customers’ trust. Don’t let this be the time you waste by selecting shared hosting seo company in lahore.

You have found the right partner to host your app in the Cloud. NPower creates a Cloud Hosting platform that includes everything we have said so you can concentrate on your business and not spend time checking if your app is working. Visit our website to find out more about our cloud-hosting platform.

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