Wireless Headset

Headsets are of vital importance in the business space. Business headsets are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and cost processes. Moreover, a single headset can fit all the needs of the users if chosen properly. So here is the list of features one should look for while buying a business headset.

There are myriad options available in the market, and choosing the best device that suits all your requirements could be tricky. However, we have got it covered with our excellent selections.

The characteristics of the business headset will vary depending on a variety of factors. All businesses looking for office headsets should consider the following list of features to get the best out of the box.

Noise cancellation

In a place like a call center, there will inevitably be constant commotion. Thus, employees need to take precautions to prevent background noise from disturbing those on the other end of the calls. For call center headsets, noise-canceling quality is the primary feature one should look for. They’ll muffle any loud noises coming from behind.

For maximum noise cancellation, one can choose Leitner LH245, a corded business headset for impeccable crisp sound quality. Apart from that, the Plantronics voyager focus UC headset is among the best wireless headset with advanced noise cancellation features.


Choose office headsets that are both broadly compatible and have an easy device switching feature if users need to connect to a variety of office technologies. Bluetooth is a popular method for achieving both of those features. Corded and wireless, both connections are somehow important in their own way. However, Bluetooth-enabled devices allow users to efficiently switch to other gadgets with just one tap. However, the majority of laptops and smartphones connect via Bluetooth. Thus, a corded attachment can help them make use of the device.

Therefore, choose the headset that is compatible with the needs of the employees. Various industry players are working on outperforming devices that suit the needs of the users.

For instance, Magic Leap is forecast to launch a new AR headset. The new headset is solely intended to cater to corporate purposes. Moreover, the device is expected to have three variations: the $3,299 Magic Leap 2 Base having a one-year warranty; the Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro integrated with developer-focused software worth $4,099; meanwhile the third one is the Magic Leap 2 Enterprise version worth $4,999 with two-year warranty support for enterprise-ready software.

In-person communication

Single-ear business headsets are growing in popularity. It suits best the companies that rely heavily on daily in-person contact. The devices enable users to answer the call while listening to another sound with their free ear.

For example, Jabra’s Jabra Talk 65 is specifically engineered for people who wants to stay connected through the phone while maintaining other chores.

Warranty Support

Examining the warranty on a headset for an office or call center is one technique to ensure its dependability. The durability of the product is typically demonstrated by a lengthier warranty. Moreover, several products require frequnt warranty support, which is why looking for warranty length is crucial. Moreover, office/call center require premium headset that won’t require regular maintenance or replacement. Thus, check according to the requirement.

For example, Leitner LH270 gives users a 5-year warranty, which is much wanted by most organizations.


Weight is another crucial aspect that defines the convenience of the headset. Thus, most companies are working on lightweight devices that offer convenience to users. 

For instance: Jabra 65 UC stereo wireless headset comes with dual connectivity features and has excellent sound quality for calls and music. These are lightweight headsets with a total weight of 111g.

The scope of the headsets in business is undoubtedly promising. Growing digitalization and increasing number of launches are somehow shaping the demand pattern of the users. The technology is getting traction across the globe. For instance, according to Astute Analytica estimations, the Norway & Finland Business Headsets market is estimated to grow at a tremendous CAGR of 11.3% during the forecast period 2022-2027. Headsets for businesses are among the primary requirements that every business needs. Every firm is thriving to introduce the one exceptionally working device to ace this continuously growing competition. Apple announced to launch its most awaited VR/MR headset by 2023.

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