Your company is essential to you, and if you don’t look into the various growth-promoting services available, including cloud managed services, you might be doing your business’s staff and customers a disservice.

You are incapable of competing without cloud services. Without proper management of your cloud services, your company is vulnerable to security attacks, data loss, and the ensuing expensive downtime.

It’s possible that you’ve never heard of or know nothing about cloud managed services. So let’s start by explaining it.

Cloud managed services are outsourcing solutions for managing your ongoing IT requirements. These services are intended to enhance and automate your company’s operations.

In accordance with your IT requirements, a typical cloud services provider can evaluate and manage:

• The present infrastructure and data centre are being tracked and reported.

• Across all cloud platforms, performance analysis is available.

• Security, backup, and restoration

• Implementing new or challenging duties and initiatives and providing training

A company’s IT department frequently lacks the time needed to handle an entire organisation’s IT infrastructure, or they may lack the knowledge essential to efficiently monitor and operate a cloud environment.

Your cloud data must be controlled by someone, whether it’s you or a third-party service provider.


Cloud managed services provide you the freedom to choose how much and how often you spend on these services.

A great cloud solutions services team will give you a consistent and predictable monthly cost so you can decide how much you’re willing to pay for IT services.

You may relax knowing that you have full control over the cost by contracting out your cloud managed services.

The cost of staffing an entire IT department in-house for small to medium-sized businesses with less complicated networks or cloud infrastructures is often prohibitive.


Making the switch to an outsourced supplier who helps manage your cloud environment is the first step in preparing your information technology hub for the future.

When you do, you’ll be astounded by the new software programmes and technological systems designed specifically to make money and protect your company.

You must invest more time and money in their training after your company hires an internal “IT person” or perhaps an IT department. not to mention providing them with additional advantages like health insurance and a 401K.

In addition to being less expensive for your business, cloud managed service providers stay current with the biggest and most important technological advancements that are now in use.


It’s more critical than ever to safeguard your network against online threats and illicit activity.

What kind of network security measures does your company have in place to guard against these cyberattacks? What are your plans in the sad event that a cyber assault takes place?

A fantastic method to maintain network security is by using cloud managed services, especially when it comes to being proactive rather than reactive.

It’s always ideal to stop a security breach in its tracks before it has a chance to access your files and data when it comes to protecting your network.

To ensure your office supplies and information are secure across all platforms and applications, a top-tier cloud managed services provider offers security and disaster recovery services.

In the unfortunate case of a tragedy, your company’s activities can keep running without having to deal with hours or even days of downtime.


One of the finest ways to manage every aspect of your organisation, especially when you are outsourcing certain tasks or services, is to come up with quick fixes.

Finding a cloud managed services provider whose response time to service requests you make is as quick as possible is your ultimate objective.

Even if they can’t solve the issues right away, they should nevertheless reply right away (within two hours or less) to let you know they’re aware of the situation and working to find a solution.

If a cloud managed services team is doing its job well, they will also take great delight in offering “one-call resolutions,” which is another important advantage.

This indicates that the majority of customer care requests to the provider of cloud managed services are handled in a single visit. I don’t know about you, but we feel that being able to resume normal productivity after just one call is invaluable.


In terms of technology, it’s crucial to have a foundation that can accommodate your company’s needs as well as those of your clients and employees.

You shouldn’t overlook cloud managed service providers who offer real-time or round-the-clock management and monitoring.

As stated in your service level agreement or contract, your cloud managed services provider can monitor and scan your network for security flaws, patch requirements, and other issues.

A top-notch cloud managed services team will also take the time to ensure that your existing systems and the new ones they install work together seamlessly.

The processes and guidelines you’ve established for your company are guaranteed to be compatible with any new objectives or operations through this kind of cloud migration or digital transformation.

Nuvento is aware of how crucial it is to keep your company operating efficiently, particularly in the tragic event of a natural disaster or cyberattack. We’re here to arm you with the information and tools you need to know how to secure your company while also saving money. To find out more about our managed cloud services or any other services we provide, get in touch with one of our cloud migration consultants here. We’re here to ease your stress so you can attract more business.