How to Unlock Mouse On Laptop

This article will learn about a mouse on a laptop and how to unlock a Mouse on a computer, usually called a touch-pad. So, to better understand how to open a Mouse on a computer, read the whole article.

Mouse on the laptop   

A track-pad or pointing device is an input device typically found on a computer/laptop that allows users to move their finger over a particular material (similarly to how one would operate a mouse) to manipulate a pointer on the screen. The track-pads are most often seen as flat areas that allow for easy shifting around the cursor with one’s finger. There are some laptops today that use a more advanced touch-pad that can sense multiple fingers at once. A ‘multi-touch’ Mouse on the laptop can recognize gestures such as pushing two fingers down to initiate a ‘right click action.

Unlock the mouse

Unlocking the Mouse on a laptop means using it to navigate around the screen when it has been recessed or disabled by the laptop’s software for security purposes. However, the pointer can still be controlled with keyboard commands (arrow keys) or Mouse, even though you cannot move the cursor over the trackpad. This allows some people to unlock their laptop touchpads while not compromising security; since they are still unable to access other parts of your computer, which would enable them to view personal files, emails, etc., should there be sensitive information on your laptop.  

Why should I unlock my mouse on my laptop?       

Here is a list of reasons below as to why it is quite beneficial to know how to unlock your Mouse on a laptop.


Since Mouse on laptops is not used for gaming, this means that you can perform the unlocking process while playing any game on your computer, which will give you access to move around with your fingers just like a mouse.


If you have two documents open at once but cannot use the Mouse to click between them, then using the trackpad instead can be very helpful if it is unlocked.

Working late into the night/working in darkness – Some people prefer not having lights turned on when they sleep or work in the evening; however, nowadays, laptops come with back-lit keyboards, and their screen is lit up too (laptop LED) can be pretty annoying at night. The keyboard and the laptop track-pad emit light when working in darkness, which can be very bothersome to others who are sleeping or trying to work quietly. You might want to consider unlocking your Mouse on the laptop if you are one of those people!

Fix for low battery

If your laptop’s power/battery is running out while you’re using it and you don’t have a charging cable handy, then seeing as laptops today come with back-lit keyboards and screens lit up by LED’s- having them both turned off can save some precious battery life until you get something charged up again later on after getting home. This, however, would require knowing how to unlock your Mouse on a laptop. Therefore, I thought it would be fruitful to list all the different methods of unlocking a laptop Mouse on a computer.

What does my mmouse on laptop look like?   

If you’re unsure whether your laptop has a track-pad or not, then see if there is an area on your computer where you can move a finger around to shift the cursor. If so, this means you have a Mouse on your laptop and will be able to follow the below instructions for unlocking it!

Mouse on laptop Unlock Methods:

Method 1: FN + F6                      

The “FN” key stands for ‘Function’ and refers to what other keys activate when pressed together with it to do a specific function. In this case, FN is combined with key ‘F6’ to unlock the touch-pad. See below for a picture of what this looks like on my laptop:

Method 2: Windows Key + L

The windows key is placed between the CTRL and ALT buttons, usually on the bottom left-hand corner of a keyboard. If you hold down both CTRL and ALT while at the same time pressing the windows key, then your track-pad should be unlocked!

Fixing Low Battery Problem:

If you have a low battery problem, as explained above, most laptops come with an option where one can tap Fn+ESC to turn off their computer screen. If this does not work for you, try tapping F1-F12 keys one by one until your Mouse on a laptop is turned off. For example, if your laptop’s power is low and it won’t do anything when you press Fn+ESC but your screen turns on- try pressing F11 or Fn+F11 once to open up the menu that turns off the touch-pad/keyboard back-light.

What is the reason for the lack of movement of the mouse cursor?

You should make sure that your computer’s receiver (dongle) is firmly plugged in. Make sure the receiver (dongle) in your PC is securely connected. Make sure they are both tuned to the same radio channel if your mouse and receiver may function on separate channels.

How to prevent accidental touching while playing games?

It is possible to disable tapping altogether so that even if you accidentally brush against the track-pad while playing a game – it will not unlock! To do this, look around in the control panel or search online for mouse options so that you can find the tab that lets you configure the way your mouse functions.

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Go into the control panel and look for an option called “mouse” or “pointing device”; once there, search around for any touch pad-specific tabs or look at what other buttons your Mouse has that you could use to unlock the Mouse on a laptop. To do this, click on each switch one by one while looking at what function keys activate when pressed together with it. If none of these options work after trying them out, contact support for further assistance.


Is there a reason why my Mouse doesn’t move?

Verify that the receiver (dongle) is securely connected to the computer. Ensure that your receiver and Mouse are set to the same radio channel if they can operate on different channels. The Mouse or receiver may need to be pressed or both to establish the connection.

How to unlock a mouse lock?

Type touchpad in the Windows search box and click OK. Alternatively, press Windows key + I to open Settings, then Devices, then Touchpad. To turn off the Touchpad, click the toggle switch in the Touchpad Settings window

How do you unfreeze a frozen laptop?

Hold down the “Ctrl” and “Alt” buttons. The computer may be unfrozen, or there may be an option to restart, shut down, or open the task manager.