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A pirated copy Windows 7 installation is the most common error. This error can be caused if you are using a non-licensed version of Windows operating system. It is easy to fix this copy of Windows. We have 2 solutions for Windows problems that are not genuine.

After you have installed the Windows OS on your computer. It is necessary to activate it within a few days by using the activation key. Activation confirms that your copy is authentic and licensed. If your Windows is not activated , or If Windows detects that the copy is pirated, you may see the message. “This copy” of Windows is not authentic. The screen turns black and you will no longer receive any updates, except for the crucial security updates. While you are able to change your wallpaper, the screen will automatically return to black within 60 minutes. So , how do you resolve this issue? Find out more about how to remove this copy of Windows is not genuine error.

Solution to the error copy of Windows does not have the authenticity of

These are various methods to get rid of the “This Copy of Windows is Not Genuine” error. Both of these methods be effective on 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems. Check out the various methods that can be employed to fix “This Copy Windows is Not Genuine”.

1. Run slmgr -rearm Command

There is a chance that you have the issue even if using the first version of the Windows. Here are the steps to fix it. These steps can help you get rid of the “This copy Windows not genuine” error.

1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator.

2. Typ slmgr to rearm , then hit

3. Please wait for the command to be completed successfully dialog box.

4. Click OK

5. Restart your laptop or computer.

After restarting your laptop or computer following this method of command prompt it is possible to fix the problem. This copy of Windows is not genuine error. To stop this from happening again, you should continue following the following steps.

2. Uninstall KB971033 Update

Microsoft frequently releases updates to combat the spread of piracy, malware and viruses through the release of updates. However, these updates may cause false results and display your original copy as a fake one. These steps will allow you to fix This copy of Window isn’t authentic error

1. From the Start menu option, go to Settings.

2. 2. Click on the Update and Security tab, then choose Windows Update.

3. Click Update History to open the list of all installed Windows updates

4. From the list of installed Windows updates, look for the update with the name KB971033..

5. Double-click on it to uninstall this update.

6. Start your computer.

This is how to fix “This Copy of Windows is not genuine”. If this method fails to be successful, you can try the following method that uses a third-party application.

Final Words

For your computer’s security be sure to have a copy of Windows. If none of these methods work, you can restore Windows using either USB or CD or DVD.

You can also try the following approach if this isn’t working for you. (Command Prompt)

Windows 7 build 77601 not genuine fix cmd-free

In this article, you will find easy guides and tricky effective methods for getting rid of Windows. This Copy of Windows is not a genuine build Windows PC error off your PC completely. We will now show you how to resolve Windows This Copy of Windows Is Not Genuine build error. You can eliminate Windows This Copy of Windows is not genuine build error by removing the Plug and Play feature.

You can revert to the current version of Windows by running the slmgr command in the Command Prompt. This copy of Windows is not a permanent solution. The uninstallation of update files can cause other files in the program to fail or data loss unexpectedly. EaseUS Backup software is suggested to protect your computer from accidental deletions.

Step 1. Step 1. Click on the “Select backup content” button to start the backup. Step 2. Step 2. The local and network files will appear on the left. To choose files that you would like to back up, expand the directory. Step 4. Step 4. Follow the screen guide and select the location to where you’d like to save the backup.

Click ” Options” to encrypt your backup using a password Backup Options and then to define the backup schedule. You can also select to begin back up at a particular time in the Backup Scheme. There are a variety of other options you can explore and customize the backup process in accordance with your needs. Step 5. Step 5. EaseUS Todo Backup permits users to save data to both cloud drives of third parties and its own cloud drive. To backup data to an external cloud drive, click on Local Drive. Scroll down to add a Cloud Device and add your account.

EaseUS also offers cloud drives. Step 7. Step 7. Click “Backup Now” to start backup. After the backup task is completed, it will be displayed as a card to the left of the screen. Right-click on the backup task to further manage it. After you have downloaded all updates, remove the update “KB”. This will resolve this issue. Windows is not genuine, error message.

Enter the command rsop. Wait for the command to be completed. Do not reboot the computer if the problem is not resolved. Once you have solved the issue, we recommend not enabling automatic upgrades. Disabling automatic updates will not permit users to upgrade to the most recent version of Windows or receive security. However, it can prevent you from seeing the Windows is not genuine error message. Enter services. Hopefully the above methods can help you fix the error.

EaseUS Todo backup is an utility that may generate a backup of all your files and Windows to prevent data loss. This powerful backup tool will allow you to keep your data safe. And also restore it in case in the event of an emergency. How do I fix this issue? Windows 7 is not genuine build?

The first step is to confirm that Windows 7 is genuine. After you have typed the above command in the command prompt. Press the Enter key on your keyboard to start the process. Step 4. Step 4. After entering after entering, a confirmation screen with information regarding command execution will open. Step 5. Step 5. Then restart your computer. It will not be able to display the error in the future like Windows 7 build or Windows XP.

Windows update settings can be configured to download and install automatically updates. This will ensure you are running the latest security and compatibility updates. Microsoft releases updates to fight fraudulent operating system installation and license keys. Sometimes, these updates produce false-positive results and your genuine and original key to the product is expired. While Windows 7 displays not genuine error. This fix will restore Windows 7 that has become invalid after an update.

However, if you update Windows 7 again then the issue will be there. Backup of files and system backup, as well as disk backup. As well as partition backup are all possible using this backup tool for professionals. Additionally, it has the capability to restore. You can make multiple backup options, including incremental as well as automatic and differential backups. Meanwhile, disk management is disabled when you select an option for backup. Free Download.

After that, select the backup destination and the storage location from the Backup page. All partitions on the system will be chosen by default. To backup files, partitions or the whole system disk, navigate to the Source section, and then select an option. Step 3 : Go back to the Backup page , and select Back up Now to start the backup. Once you’ve completed the update, Windows 7 not genuine issue should be fixed.

The steps below are a good way to eliminate the message in the event that it continues to appear. In Windows there’s an built-in Windows 7 not genuine removal tool that can be used to create Windows 7 authentic. It is possible to activate it every 30 days for three times.

Apart from that if you want to know about then visit our Windows 7 category.

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