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NFTs have gone beyond the boundaries that they had set for themselves. Moving across many fields and industries, NFTs have gained the traction of many brands and investors. Video games are one of the most exciting and dynamic fields that have entered the NFT rope. The entire video game industry has gone through a complete revamp. Gamers have evolved from the traditional gaming methods to new modes of gaming through P2E games. Let’s look at how NFTs have helped gamers and the gaming industry.

What Are NFT Games?

All its elements. All the elements you see in the game, such as avatars, weapons, or any instruments, are NFTs. These NFTs can be bought, sold, or rented. Unlike conventional video games, NFT video games are based on a blockchain. This means that the authorship of any elements within the game can be a profit for the player.

The main difference between mainstream video games is that video games are only designed for recreational purposes. Creators have a great chance to monetize their content through royalty or by selling their Art to their fans and followers through NFTs. The player’s purchased elements represent the ownership of its creators and NFT games. This has formed a new market in the Metaverse.

Before getting on the bandwagon, it is essential to understand the best NFT marketplace to invest in. Funko, Cloudflare, etc., are some of them. These companies facilitate an online platform for artists and art investors also.

NFT Games To Earn Money

Listed below are some of the Play-to-earn NFT games:

Axie Infinity

The game starts with purchasing or being gifted three creatures known as Axie. These are digital collectibles with unique features. Then the player can start farming the Sweet Love Potion (SLP) token. One could make roughly $200 to $1000 (USD)through this game when sold on the open market.


This is a virtual reality platform powered by Ethereum Blockchain. It is a decentralized platform. One can create, experience, and effectively monetize their content and application within this platform. It aims to combine social elements with Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and virtual real estate. NFTs on this platform is used to represent cosmetic collectibles.


Sandbox is a user-generated platform. Players are represented as block-like customizable avatars. They become owners of what they create through blockchain and small contracts. Sandbox offers three products. First is VoxEdit, a 3D modeling tool that allows the user to develop Avatars, plants, animals, tools, and other objects. The second is the marketplace. You can sell your creations here. The third is the Game maker; users can develop 3D games without using code.   

Play-To-Earn Model

The P2A mode of gaming has wholly revolutionized the gaming industry. It has made gamers rethink how they view gaming so far.

Cricket based Play-to earn games list

Jump. trade

  • Jump. trade is a Zero Gas Fee NFT marketplace that launched World’s First play to earn cricket NFTs
  •  Metaverse Cricket world cup, Exclusive Cricket NFT drop, and NFT Real Estate are some exciting things that the users can look forward to  
  • The marketplace is also set to launch World’s First NFT cricket game- ‘Meta Cricket League.’


  • In this Cricket NFT marketplace, people can collect, trade, and earn with Cricket NFTs.
  • Owning Fancraze NFTs will allow the users to build an NFT collection that can be acquired across a particular match or series.
  • You can trade the NFTs with fans across the globe and use them to play and earn in the Fancraze Metaverse.


  • For fans who want to have iconic moments from the history of Cricket to their memorabilia, then Rario is the ideal marketplace.
  • Users can own the entire set of cards.
  • Rario only sells in packs; there are around 4 to 5 cards in a pack. The marketplace is run solely by its users.

Wrapping Up

The chances of expanding your scope in NFTs in really high. Gamers can now earn money by doing what they love doing the most. The addition of blockchain in gaming has led to a decentralized gaming environment. The main aim is to transfer ownership to the players and give them back all the time and effort they invest in the game. NFTs are also offering a better and stronger base for building a secondary market for the in-game digital asset.

The P2E gaming model provides a new revenue model where players can resell their purchased assets. Hence, the gaming industry has been able to have more people on board for gaming, and in turn, the gamers also play and ear.