Instagram is now one of the most accessed social networks. It has expanded its gaze in recent years with updates to the platform and the possibility of advertising and advertising tools.

In one of the most popular events of 2022, influencer and comedian Jessica Kayane brought together influencers and brands from the four corners of the country in 3 days of a mega party at a hotel in Fortaleza. And despite not being televised or open to the public, like music festivals, for example, Farofa da Gkay impacted 66 million people, only with transmissions through Instagram. The event remained in the trending topics and has already become a successful case among the creators.

With the growth of this network, many marketers began to bet on strategies for brands and people who want to grow on the internet. But despite being a great resource, you have to be careful not to make mistakes and spoil the process of growing on Instagram.

The professional may know how to edit their posts well and know design techniques, but it is still necessary to know the network’s weaknesses so that it does not interfere with the performance of the profile.

To help you avoid making mistakes, we’ve brought you 5 mistakes that affect your marketing and should be avoided on Instagram:

1.    Not planning the contents

Anyone who works with marketing knows that planning is essential to ensure good results, and Instagram is no different. The network works require users to have a routine within the platform.

Planning the content is necessary for the brand or influencer’s feed to follow a post line. Study strategies and have a media plan so that nothing is left out or published incorrectly.

2.    Using ineffective hashtags

Hashtags are essential to attract the audience with resources from the network itself, but using generic words or filling a post with hashtags may not be the best way.

Using words that make sense with your profile or the post in question is ideal. For example, hashtags like #fashion and #looksparafesta can be good alternatives if you sell clothes.

3.    Not interacting with followers

Instagram requires profiles to interact with followers through comments, polls, and likes, and the platform considers this when delivering content or valuing a profile.

It’s always good to maintain a frequency of engagement with the audience; people who follow a brand or influencer have good reactions when they are answered through comments or other forms of interaction.

4.    Post low-quality videos and photos

With the large number of people producing content on Instagram, the quality of publications also increases. Usually, photos and videos that do not have quality already lose points by users.

Social networks are like showcases where you expose your products, and followers are attentive to everything published to see if that profile is worth following.

So investing in the quality of your content, finding good tools to create videos with photos and free online music can all bring vibrancy and quality to certain posts, and never forget to consider the ideal media size for Instagram.

5.    Do not post stories

The feature of posting a story is perhaps one of the most used on the social network, as quick videos draw the public’s attention and can be used to show someone’s daily tips or even someone’s routine.

Many people read stories every day and quickly see what is happening worldwide. Consequently, those who bet on stories will undoubtedly have a positive return for the profile.

Pay attention to these details, even if your brand profile is exclusively commercial. Wrong attitudes can bring down your Instagram marketing strategies. Study whenever necessary and take advantage of the platform’s ocean of opportunities.