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What is IoT App Development? Top 5 Examples of IoT Applications

The Internet Of Things (IoT) is a revolution in the expansion of the IT ecosystem. IoT provides a platform to receive data from a network of devices and enables communication and automated control. It links mechanical components to digital interfaces. According to a survey by Statista, more than 29 billion IoT devices are expected to be deployed globally by 2030. 

In this article let’s learn in detail about IoT app development and what are the top 5 examples of IoT applications.

What is IoT app development?

The Internet of Things is the technology that links sensors, devices, and mobile phones together to transform data into much more valuable information. In the world of IoT multiple sensor devices are transmitting their status online, giving rise to smart networks with a wide range of cutting-edge services, hardware, technology, and web and mobile apps. 

IoT application development gives you the ability to use analytics and data processing to obtain a deeper understanding of your products and use that understanding to establish new business models, increase revenue, and provide better customer experiences.

What are Some Advantages of IoT?

Top examples of IoT applications

There are a plethora of possible IoT applications that are already having a significant impact on operations, improving our comprehension of end-user needs, and ultimately making the technology more responsive. Here are the top 5 industries where IoT applications are widely employed.

  1. Environmental surveillance

2. Traffic control

In the last decade, roadway infrastructure has also grown increasingly linked, with cameras, sensors, traffic signal controls, parking meters, and even smartphone traffic applications relaying data that is then utilized to assist avoid traffic congestion, minimize accidents, and assure smooth travel. Cameras, for example, detect and communicate data about traffic volume to central management groups, who may then evaluate the data to determine whether, what, and when mitigation measures should be done.

3. Vehicles that are linked

4. Management of industrial, agricultural, and commercial enterprises

5. Management of the supply chain


IoT has created a robust ecosystem that delivers advantages at every level by fusing the physical and digital worlds. IoT applications have a wide variety of uses and are practically used in every industry.

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