This course is offered as an undergraduate degree under the Bachelor of Technology in Printing Technology program. Typically, printing involves ink on paper, which reproduces texts and images. The publishing industry and transaction printing are often carried out on a large scale. A printing press management course focuses exclusively on managing jobs associated with printing.

How is the Printing Technology Course Beneficial for students?

The majority of printing presses in the country require candidates to have bachelor’s degrees in printing technology. Printing presses for newspapers, magazines, and journals are among the most important. Quality technician candidates have access to a wide range of job profiles due to their sound knowledge. Many manufacturing and commercial companies offer careers in printing. Many major media houses in countries like India, employ printing technology graduates on different levels. These include Bennett and Coleman, Anandabazar Publications, and Indian Express, among other media companies.

A printing degree holder can also find employment in the printer manufacturing industry. Custom-printed boxes  are now everywhere with many box styles, designs, and shapes, you can select any stylish box to build an influential impression. A notable offset printer manufacturer is Shreeji Printers, which requires qualified printing professionals. Many printing companies and media houses across the world offer lucrative assignments to students who complete courses in printing technology. Among the multinational companies that manufacture laser, inkjet, and digital copiers are Sharp, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard, and Epson. If you want to get free shipping and design at an affordable rate for packaging boxes, custom packing boxes are available for your facility.

Types of Printing in Printing Technology

In this article, you will find different types of printing;

The Process Of Screen Printing

There are many types of printing processes available in the industry, but screen printing ranks among the best in terms of quality. The printing process of a graphic t-shirt with a smooth texture is more likely to be screen printing if it feels smooth to the touch. Even though it can be used in many different ways, it isn’t able to fulfill all needs. One-offs are challenging to manufacture using this technology. It is most effective for mass production.

Offset Printing Technology Process

The process in which color is not directly substituted on the paper is called the offset printing process. This process is different from the direct printing process. First, place the aluminum plate, which helps to transfer the image, then fold the image on paper on a rubber blanket. The prints produced by offset printing exhibit accurate color reproduction, crispness, and a professional appearance. This process is considered the best process in printing technology.

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