The key performance indicator, KPI, is the quantifiable measure of performance of a virtual event over time for a specific objective. It can be helpful in understanding where your event exactly stands concerning overall business goals. Furthermore, KPIs can be a vital aspect of making strategic decisions. They can help you as the guidepost to reach where your aim is and monitor the event’s health. 

KPIs are essential while hosting a virtual team meeting or other events. You will be able to analyze the success rate with such components. However, you must attain complete knowledge of the top KPIs that can be helpful in making your event a success. 

Hence, here is a comprehensive list of KPIs that can be beneficial for you to measure the success of your event without hassle. 

What Are the KPIs Helpful in Analyzing Your Event Success?

The top 10 KPIs shared by the best virtual event platform experts that can be helpful in analyzing the success of your online event are as follows: 

Event Registrations and Logged-in Attendance

The online meeting platform can provide you with complete analysis and insights for your webinar. It can help calculate your event success and make wise decisions at your next event. Furthermore, you can get the number of registrations and attendees who log in and attend your virtual team meeting analysis. Hence, the number of registrants and attendees is one of the KPIs that defines the success of your event.  

Promotion & Stats at Social Media 

The promotion of your virtual town hall meeting is a must. You can not avoid this step when you conduct an online event. Furthermore, you can get various comments and engagement over social media if you integrate it into your virtual event as well. You can make the audience snap, tweet, insta, or post about your event. Hence, it is an excellent way that can be helpful in getting reviews in real-time for the event. Also, it is a significant indicator of the success of your online event.

Data Collected by App 

You can simply find and pick a web-based virtual team meeting solution that can offer you a seamless mobile app for easy registration and analytics data. Furthermore, it can be helpful in giving your attendees the choice to attend events from wherever they are without hassle. Hence, you can develop a white-label virtual team meeting app that can be beneficial in exchanging contact information via QR codes as well as interacting via polls and Q&A sessions. Hence, you can use such user data in order to know the most and least liked aspects of your event. 

Surveys Taken After the Event

You can create some feedback forms with various questions on which you would like to collect suggestions from your audiences. It can be helpful in making your attendees realize how important they are to you and your brand. Furthermore, you can create a pop-up of such a survey form on your participant’s device screen as soon as the virtual town hall meeting ends. Also, you can send follow-up forms via email. 

Effect of Virtual Event on ROI 

You can increase your sales and revenue for the year easily by picking a professional online meeting platform. They can help you get all the features and functionalities in your virtual event that can be helpful in boosting engagement, communication, and networking opportunities at your event. Furthermore, you can create a seamless user experience. 

Event Planning and Management Timeline

Your event manager may handle a lot of events at the same time. Hence, this is the best way to check his capabilities. You can check whether they can submit the task by the deadline or not. Furthermore, this is a scale to measure your manager’s work. 

Follow-Up Activities

You can measure the liking of your audiences by offering them to sign up for your upcoming event as well. Furthermore, the loyal customers and users who enjoyed the event to the fullest will definitely register for your next event. 

Communication Email Reporting

You can measure your event promotion success with your email’s open and click rate. This metric can be helpful to check whether emails are effective enough to attract audiences or if you need to implement some other ideas. Hence, you can use the A/B testing for your sent emails and analyze their effects on the global participants.

Networking Contacts

You can get a complete analysis of how many new relationships your brand created during the events. Also, you can get an insight into the number of meetings and exchanges that took place thanks to the event.

So, these are the various KPIs that can help measure and define the success of your hosted virtual event. Furthermore, you can attain 100% success without a doubt with the right virtual event solution. 

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in analyzing the success rate of your online event.