The Google Play Store now has over 3.04 million applications accessible, and that figure is only increasing. Now is a fantastic opportunity to get some of the most excellent Android development advice from the industry’s top Android developers in India.

The small green robot has proven to be the finest friend to end-users and creators since its first commercial release in 2008. Android developers are always looking for new and inventive methods to improve their products due to the broad user base, unforeseen hardware upgrades, and a quickly expanding developer community.  

Then, while you continue to think about ideas for the “Next Big Thing,” we have compiled some of the best Android application development advice for you to keep in mind for a successful development process.

Android app development tips:

The Importance of the Application’s Name

  1. It may make an application’s reputation among users irreparably damaged. To prevent confusion, choose the name far in advance, consider its significance and effect, and, most importantly, reserve it.

Gain Knowledge about AI, AR, and VR

Staying on top of the game will need you to master these emerging technologies. A broad range of consumers are eager to use the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) with the introduction of Google Duplex and ARCore (VR). You must spend time understanding them if you want to remain current.


Google’s Flutter is a cross-platform SDK that works with Google Fuchsia, iOS, Android, Linux, Mac, Windows, and the web. Dart is a client-optimized, AOT (Ahead of Time) compiled programming language to develop IoT device applications.

Understand the Platform

The platform should be your new best buddy since it will be where you spend a lot of time throughout the subsequent months of developing your application. As much as you can, learn about it. Learn how it handles difficulties like parallelism, component lifecycles, and memory management.

Equal Importance Is Given to Architecture

Developers often need to be more careful about the correct code maintenance due to the lengthy and grueling hours of coding. They keep adding Activities or Fragments until the programme becomes a monstrous piece of code. It isn’t easy to test and maintain this. Choose and implement a clean architecture as a result. You may get assistance via architectural management from tools like MVP and Redux.

Discover UI/UX Design.

An Android developer can limit their work to coding alone or actively participate in the design phase to comprehend how a particular piece of code affects how users interact with the application.

Be on the Lookout! Get the Most Recent Market Updates by Subscribing

Android now powers the majority of smartphones on the market. You may step up your game appropriately if you are aware of the popular Android apps on the market and the factors that contributed to their initial success. Knowing and comprehending the most recent developments in the Android industry is crucial.

Exercise Restraint While Using Inventiveness

Android consumers need a program they can use quickly and comprehend intuitively. There is an apparent reason why “Material Design” is there. Google has painstakingly put together this extensive collection of design standards for Android developers. Maintain a straightforward, simple, and understandable application interface.

The Playground Initiative

It never hurts to have new eyes. When you feel overwhelmed or bored with your serious job, you may switch to a quick playground activity you have on hand. Additionally, by acting as a practice run for learning new topics, this playground project may assist you in developing a much more profound comprehension of subjects.

Check the Hardware Range

Android game or app developers prefer to build and test on more expensive smartphones to ensure that they create a reliable and high-performing application. Because nobody can predict when the screen size or resolution will increase or decrease, it will guarantee overall operability on a wide variety of devices.  

 Get Involved in Local Communities

Questions will aid your learning. A window into the world of Android development will be provided via sites like StackOverflow, Reddit, Quora, and GitHub, among others. These communities may assist you in maintaining contact with your colleagues even when it is only sometimes feasible to be in close proximity to other developers.

Client Is Correct

Create what a customer requested rather than what you believe he could need. Engage customers directly and pay attention to what they desire. Although it’s not your responsibility, there are occasions when you may have a far superior answer to an issue they are attempting to address. Always advise rather than impose, and design according to the client’s specifications.

 Keep an Eye Out for Ways to improve your App’s performance.

The performance of an Android application determines its quality. As a developer, it should be your goal to research and implement the top methods for achieving high performance.

Thorough Investigation Is Essential

Before you create a single line of code, research should be at the top of your priority list. It is vital to comprehend the requirements of the end user.

The Value of Feedback

Consider user input carefully and work to make the current design better. Android’s continued adaption in response to consumer requirements is why it remains the industry leader. Google Play Store reviews are a crucial measure for gathering input in order to understand what features users want to see in the forthcoming upgrades to an application.


Using the advice in this tutorial, you may avoid making the errors that Android developers often do rather than try to recreate the wheel. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge Android development tools is a talent that Android developers in India are adept at. They constantly monitor Android market developments to ensure their customers remain competitive and strive to deliver a fantastic user experience.

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