Procore is a service company that offers construction management software. It was established in 2002. The company’s headquarters are in Carpinteria in California. It helps you to stay on schedule and budget by creating a single source for truth and integrating it with other software tools. It is simple to use and learn.

Cloud-Based Procore Software

Procore software creates a single source for project data truth and facilitates collaboration between project team members. Procore’s open platform approach for construction data management reduces risk, and double entry, and improves efficiency. This platform also allows full transparency of project information. Procore Conversations is currently being piloted by the company. It integrates all communication channels into one, contextual view.

Procore offers world-class training and implementation services to help construction teams optimize their ROI and streamline operations. The industry is safer, more connected, and more efficient thanks to its construction software. Users report greater productivity and efficiency in their teams and 83% say that quality control has been improved.

Procore software can also be scaled to meet the needs of growing construction companies. Already, the company plans to grow rapidly in the next few years. Procore was chosen by the company as its construction management platform. Procore offers a complete solution that includes Project Management, Financial Management and Tender Management. It also allows for the integration of BIM. Procore will provide the GTA Urban Division with a single source for all project information.

Integrates with other software tools

Procore software can be integrated with other software tools that help construction companies manage their projects. It has an intuitive interface that allows users to access project information on the job site and at the office. Procore Field Financials makes it easy to access project information in real-time, eliminating the need for tedious Excel spreadsheets. The software can also track approvals and change orders.

Procore is designed for general contractors, construction managers, and subcontractors as well as project owners. The user can choose the tools that they require to complete the task with a highly customizable interface. This software is suitable for all businesses, but it’s most useful for those with annual revenues of $5 million or greater.

Procore provides several integration options for companies that use multiple software tools. This makes it simple to share data with other users. Tenna is a popular construction software tool that is compatible with Procore. Tenna users can now access their equipment location, utilization, and assignee data through this integration.

TopBuilder can also be integrated with Procore software. Both software tools can sync customer, job, sales, and other data in real-time. The integration makes it possible to estimate the time required to complete a project more accurately. It streamlines labor management by eliminating the need to manually time-card. Procore software can be used to help construction companies improve their labor productivity, and decrease their costs.

Procore software can be integrated with other software tools to assist construction companies in managing projects efficiently. It integrates with existing business systems and offers top-of-the-line security features. It supports multiple projects at once. Procore offers SmartUse, a construction management system that focuses on project planning as well as progress monitoring. SmartUse includes instant reporting and as-built drawing support. It also offers inspection tools.

Keeps You On Time

Procore software allows you to stay on track and organized by managing your e-mail communications. The software combines all your e-mails with its own tracking system, and stores all pertinent communications in one central place. This allows you to easily search through all e-mails that are related to your project by creating threads.

Procore lets you track information in real time, so you always know what’s happening with your project. Procore’s project dashboard lets you track progress and identify scope risks, which helps you to stay on time and within budget. The dashboard also keeps track of the materials used, which helps keep site teams productive.

Procore’s calendar view displays the project schedule in daily, weekly and monthly views. Each task’s name, assigned resources, and start/end dates are displayed in individual bars. To edit and modify individual tasks, you can drill down. You can edit a task’s name to make changes or adjust the deadline.

Procore software also offers a unique feature called the “ball in court” feature. This feature allows you to identify the employees that are causing delays in your project. It also shows how long each individual takes. This information is extremely useful for making changes to a project. This tool can be used to manage subcontractors or respond to RFIs.

Procore is cloud-based so it can be accessed from any location with an Internet connection. Procore also offers a mobile app, which makes it easy for you to access your project documents. You can also store and share all documents necessary for your project with the document management system. You can also keep track of your project schedule with the scheduling feature. Procore can integrate expense tracking.

This tool will help you stick to your budget

Procore’s Budget Tool makes it simple to manage project budgets and forecasts. This tool also allows you to align contracts and changes with your budget. It makes it easy for you to monitor the progress of your project and make any necessary adjustments. The tool also includes drill-down functionality that allows you to see a breakdown of costs.

Procore offers a dashboard view that shows all current projects. You can see the status of tasks and RFI’s as well as change orders and punch list items. There are many integrations available, including Microsoft Projects and Zoom, Bluebeam, Smartsheet, and Bluebeam. You can also track your time using timecards or invoice rates.

Procore offers a Standard Budget view in addition to the Budget view. This view shows descriptive text for each line item of the budget, along with sub-jobs. It also displays the original budget amount and the modified amount. This tool will only work if you enable the sub-job feature.

Procore’s financial reporting capabilities are another way to help you keep on budget. You can create customizable reports directly from your budget and you can also easily standardize templates. It provides real-time visibility and improves efficiency. The software also allows you to see where there are opportunities for improvement. These efficiencies can save you money.