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PHP vs JavaScript: How to Choose the Best Language for Your Project

When it comes to coding, two of the most popular languages used are PHP and JavaScript. Both languages have been around for a long time and have been used to create some of the most popular websites and applications.

The debate between these two languages has been around since they were first introduced, with developers arguing over which language is better and why.

If you’re trying to decide which language is best for your project, it’s important to understand the difference between the two and how they can affect the outcome of your project. In this article, we will be exploring the difference between PHP and JavaScript and also looking at which one is a better choice for your project. Hire Dedicated Developers from India.

What is PHP?

One of the most popular languages for server-side programming is PHP. It is an HTML-embedded program whose acronym stands for “Hypertext Pre-processor”. It enables tasks like personalizing site content, exchanging cookies, analysing data, and others.

Along with its features, it integrates with several well-known databases, including Postgre SQL, Oracle, Sybase, SQL, and MySQL. Among the most well-known websites that use PHP are Facebook, Wikipedia, and WordPress.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a dynamic computer programming language. It is well-known for its prototype-based object orientation, first-class functions, and curly-bracket syntax. It is most frequently utilized as a component of web browsers, whose implementations enable client-side scripts to interact with users, manage browser settings, and modify the content of displayed documents.

Among the most well-known websites that use JavaScript are Google, YouTube, Yahoo, and Amazon.

PHP vs JavaScript

PHP and JavaScript are two of the most frequently used programming languages. However, each has certain benefits and drawbacks, so before you choose which technology is best for your project, have a look at the comparison between both languages.

Performance and Speed

JavaScript is an event-driven, single-threaded, non-blocking I/O model, whereas, PHP features a blocking I/O multi-threaded execution model.

PHP is slower than JavaScript; yet some people believe it to be more reliable. This apparent advantage, however, is contested and has not been conclusively demonstrated. The stability and dependability of PHP and JavaScript are ambiguous. Hire Developers to learn more about the performance and speed of these two languages.

Application in Web Development

According to a report, 79% websites utilize PHP as their server-side programming language, while only 0.7% use JavaScript. Likewise, 77.4% of all websites rated in the top 1,000,000 utilize PHP.

However, when it comes to client-side scripting languages for websites, JavaScript outperforms the competition, with 95.2% of all websites using it.

Effortless Coding

PHP has more than 1000 in-built functions that can generate particular tasks, making it an approachable programming language.  You may always employ PHP developers who are knowledgeable about the technology if you need assistance.

JavaScript can be a little challenging due to its added features, including event queues, HTTP requests, grammar, operators, and more. However, in contrast to other languages, JavaScript is also asynchronous.


PHP may be extended with any LAMP stack solution, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc., even though it can only be used with HTML. This is why websites like WordPress and Drupal find it to be so useful.

But there are many frameworks for JavaScript, and developers are continually building newer ones. Vue, Angular, React, and others are the most popular ones. For server-side projects, JavaScript functions well because of frameworks like Node.js. In terms of extensibility, JavaScript is superior due to its versatility and variety of possibilities.


Since PHP is a server-side programming language, codes are not accessible through the browser, whereas, JavaScript allows practically anyone to view the source code of a web page.

Nevertheless, JavaScript includes capabilities to address this security flaw. To make your JavaScript code safer, you can use several security analyst tools and other procedures, such as SSL and HTTPS.


A wide community, its open-source nature, and simplicity of deployment are among PHP’s most well-liked benefits. PHP code is more versatile and configurable because it is open-source. Only 5% of all pull requests are for PHP, which happens to be in the ninth position on GitHub.

The key benefits of using JavaScript for business are its popularity, universality, and extensibility. However, JavaScript is not open-source, unlike the bulk of JS frameworks. The most common language on GitHub is JavaScript, which accounts for approximately 20% of all pull requests.

Best Suited for

Due to its dedicated server hosting, JavaScript developers use it for complex projects. Almost any form of software application, such as 3D games, AR/VR solutions, IoT devices, etc., may be developed using JavaScript for both front-end and back-end.

Although PHP is a general-purpose programming language, creating dynamic web pages is its main application. PHP developers use it for blogs, learning management systems, and e-commerce websites, given the availability of PHP-based content management systems like Moodle and WordPress.


PHP and JavaScript have many benefits and neither language is superior to the other because both have their specific uses. Having said that, you may consider adopting JavaScript as your preferred programming language if you’re developing a website that is likely to receive a lot of traffic and offer frequent updates, whereas, you can use PHP if your site doesn’t get the required number of visitors each day.

However, if you are unsure about either technology, it would be best to Hire Dedicated Developers from Indiaasthey can meet all of your needs.

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