Python is the leading skill to learn in 2022. If you want to learn a skill that will give you good payback, then learning python is the right choice. 

With the advancement in technology, the field of IT is growing rapidly with more in-demand skills. Every business owner tries to make their presence online and for this, they need various programmers and coding-related people who solve their online problems in a better way. Python is a high-level language because it is closer to humans than computers and takes everything as an object in the real world. So it is also known as an object-oriented programming language.

What are the splendid features of python that made it a programmer’s choice?

Python deals with a lot of work like; website development, data analysis, data visualization, task automation, e.t.c. As it is a friendly user, it is also used by many non-programmers for daily tasks. 

  1. Python is a useful high-level language with free and open sources.
  2. It is a developer-friendly language, and it is really easy to code in python.
  3. It is an object-oriented programming language and anybody can learn it easily.
  4. Python is a high-level programming language with GUI Programming support.
  5. Python is a portable language with easy access to any device.
  6. Python is easily integrated with other languages.
  7. Variable data don’t need to be allocated specifically in python. The variable data type is automatically located.

Scope of Python

Python has an emerging scope in the whole world. Programmers are well aware of python’s specialty but still, there is a huge gap between the demand and supply of python experts. It is a leading programming language in terms of adaptability. It is a universal language and serves in many fields. According to a 2020 survey, python is the 3rd most popular and loved programming language compared to others. It is the most used language in machine learning and data science. Due to its variety of usage in many fields, it is giving numerous job opportunities.

5 Best Online Python Courses

Learning trending or in-demand skills is like exploring a treasure, and python learning gives you a bright future. Here is the list of online python courses. If you want to polish your skill or want to learn python language under the supervision of experts, then you must go through these online python courses ;

Introduction to Python programming-Udemy

Udemy offers a free course with a quick and easy introduction to language in 2 hours. With this course, you can learn the fundamentals of python with real-world examples with 15 video lectures. You can also learn to write your scripts and functions in this course. This course is presented by Avinash Jain. it is best suitable for beginners and has easy steps to follow for basic learning.

Python from beginner to intermediate in 30 min-Udemy

After learning the basics of python one must want to dive into its depth of it. So Udemy is offering this free course for beginners who want to take one step forward in python learning. With 30 min video lessons, you can easily understand the next stages in python language. Its total time is 1 hour 32 min. It is considered as preparation for the advanced level.

Introduction to Python programming-Udacity

This free course will give you a package of an interactive introduction with hands-on experience in solving practical problems. With a flexible schedule, you can learn topics of loops, data storage, conditionals, e.t.c. It is approximately covered in 5 weeks. Within this course, you can get quizzes to keep you engaged and focused. With this 5 weeks course, you can immediately start working on scripts. That course is ideal for hands-on experience in python language.

Analyze data with python-Codecademy

Codecademy offers the best course for learning python language. It provides exciting projects and exercises in addition to video lectures for more detailed information and application of your learning. This course includes data analysis with the visualization of a data set in 10 weeks. This course is for those who want to learn complex python programming. We can get its basic free version with no certificate. If you want certification, then must go for a paid pro version.

Learn Python 3- Codecademy

With this course on Codecademy, you can learn all aspects of python 3. It covers topics of control flow, python syntax, logical operators, and boolean variables. It is best for profile building. With its paid version, you can get certificates that would help get employment opportunities at famous companies.


Above mentioned are the 5 best courses to learn python language. Investing your time and money in the right place to learn something is your best investment. Udemy, Coursera, Codecademy, Udacity, SkillShare, Linkedin Learning, edX, and Vertabelo academy are some of the best institutes to learn programming languages and make a bright future.

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