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Mark Zuckerberg was an American student, computer genius, when he launched the first version of Facebook in 2004, with his college friends. In just a few years, the web communication services of this social network have experienced dazzling success. Today, Facebook is the leader in social media and has over 2.8 billion users worldwide. It allows Internet users to create a personalized profile, publish or exchange content with their subscribers free of charge. In addition, with the help of Facebook tools, integrated into the platform, it is possible to check its performance and implement actions to improve it. Thus, the latter has become a powerful and indispensable digital marketing channel for companies and the media.  However, to adopt an effective Facebook strategy, it is necessary to understand how it works.

Developing an effective Facebook strategy for your business: 3 main steps

Above all, understanding the value of a good digital marketing strategy on Facebook is essential. Indeed, the platform gives direct access to your current and potential customers. Thus, it allows you to create links with your prospects, to establish a privileged relationship with them and to retain them. So, your business gains popularity and improves the confidence of Internet users in your products or services.

In addition, the Facebook recommendation algorithm (which is constantly evolving) displays your posts to your target audience, according to their interests. Depending on the interaction generated by the publication, the algorithm will offer it to a greater number of your subscribers or future subscribers. Finally, each entrepreneur can find his potential customers there. This is why he must not neglect social networks,

1) Take care of your business profile

The cover photo and profile photo are the first images people see, so don’t overlook their importance! It’s the image of the brand! Do not hesitate to choose an original title and an attractive design on your professional page.

This is how users find your business and decide whether or not to watch the content of your publications. Then, remember to fill in the fields indicated on your profile as much as possible (address, telephone number, e-mail address, website, etc.).

Talk about your services or products, but also about your background. Just as it is important for natural referencing to write quality content, especially in the “about” tab which is taken up by Google and which will allow you to be contacted.

2) Communicate with subscribers and target potential customers

Maintaining a regular and authentic exchange with your network is essential; you represent the values ​​of the company! If you don’t care about your audience, how do you get their attention? Indeed, by getting to know your subscribers, you will be better able to stand out and also better define your potential customers. Thus, to develop an effective Facebook strategy and target your prospects, do not hesitate to:

  • arouse the sympathy of your community;
  • regularly publish quality content;
  • establish a climate of proximity;
  • communicate with users on Messenger;
  • share a good plan;
  • ask a question to your audience;
  • liking comments;
  • respond to Internet users;
  • propose answers to their problems;
  • install a sense of trust with your subscribers;
  • thank your community.

3) Set clear goals

The ambition of a company is to remain viable over time and to sell its services while respecting customer demand. Defining a specific objective, linked to your company’s projects, is essential for establishing a relevant Facebook marketing strategy. You must then determine your priority needs:

  • boost visits to your page;
  • increase your popularity (maybe locally?);
  • improve the reach of your publications;
  • generate leads;
  • get a better conversion rate.

Improve the popularity of your Facebook business page with natural and paid referencing

Sharing posts isn’t always enough to boost a company’s popularity. Facebook marketing strategies for more efficiency can choose to mix natural content (organic content generated by your network) and paid content (advertising).

Prioritize quality content

To be able to stand out on the Web, entrepreneurs must highlight their personality and the strengths of their business. That’s why it’s important to post regularly, and to offer posts that bring value to your audience to build relationships with them. In reality, Internet users are flooded on their news feed, offer your subscribers original, fresh, colorful and creative content. Thus, you can compose different types of content:

  • original infographics;
  • authentic photos;
  • informative images;
  • contests;
  • live videos;
  • high-value content relays (articles).

To learn more, read this article:  What posts to use on Facebook?

Facebook Ads advertising

The social media verification agency offers to sponsor posts from your professional page. You can then add conversion buttons that direct the user directly to your website. Thus, you will obtain better results and will more easily transform your potential prospects into customers. You should know that on your business page, you automatically have access to Facebook’s advertising creation tools. So much so that it is comfortable to create and carry out a promotional campaign in different formats:

  • videos;
  • image posts;
  • instant articles;
  • image carousels;
  • canvas (full screen ad for mobile device users).
  • infographics;
  • Facebook stories.

Measure results with Facebook’s free tools

The Facebook pixel

One of the great strengths of social media is the ability to track, test and target your ads with great accuracy. To hone a business tactic that’s right for every business, Facebook offers handy tools to measure your results. Indeed, the Facebook pixel (in the form of a code snippet to place on your website) is a very interesting device. In fact, it provides an overall view of the rate of conversions generated by your advertisements to measure their effectiveness. It proposes to observe precisely the behavior of users who visit your site and who make an action, for example a purchase. Thus, by analyzing their journeys, you will be able to understand how to target new possible prospects with your publications. The more actions you will get on your site,

The Business Suite

The Business Suite is a tool that allows you to better understand your audience. For this, it offers very detailed data on your community that you analyze to better understand your audience. Thus, it will be easier to target your prospects with finesse. When a buyer generates good results, you can then use their information to try to directly link your brand or services to other potential customers with an equivalent profile. Thanks to the platform, you have access to all the necessary tools to improve your popularity with your network. In addition, this tool allows you to manage and analyze your Facebook and Instagram accounts in the same place (the two social media came together in 2012). Therefore, you will save some time and you will be able to connect with a wider audience,

Nowadays, it is therefore essential for companies to be active online and to develop an appropriate strategy. Facebook is a prodigious social network for targeting the general public, boosting a society, promoting it and humanizing it. In addition, the platform gives the possibility of attracting new prospects, informing and retaining customers.

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