Dissertation Gantt Chart

The Dissertation Gantt Chart is a visual way to track your dissertation progress. Dissertations have a deadline, and they must be submitted on time. Researchers must use time proper time management techniques to keep track of the dissertation’s progress. For that purpose, a Dissertation Gantt Chart is the most helpful tool that lets you monitor the progress of your dissertation. This article will tell you how you can use the Gantt Chart to visually track the progress of your dissertation.

What is a Dissertation Gantt Chart?

A Polish businessman created a Dissertation Gantt Chart in the late 19th century as a management tool. The chart is commonly used in business activities and by business students to track the progress of projects. It is a very useful project management tool that helps businesses monitor the progress of a particular project and helps finalise it on time. Gantt chart helps in project planning, scheduling, and monitoring. Businesses can choose optimal budget allocation and collaboration strategies using the Gantt chart. The chart helps individuals visualise the information in graphical formats, such as horizontal bar graphs. The team members can review the scheduled tasks and progress by just reviewing the visual graph chart.

Similarly, researchers can use a Gantt chart to visualise the progress of their dissertations. Dissertations encompass certain procedures that must occur simultaneously rather than in a linear manner, and for that purpose, a Gantt chart is the most useful method for time management. It is a visual bar chart that helps visualise the various processes and develops a schedule for the dissertation. The researcher can compartmentalise the key dissertation topics that can break them down into various segments which need to be completed within a specified time. So, a Dissertation Gantt Chart which is commonly used in project management, can be used for planning and managing your dissertation. You can use it to streamline the following processes:

  • Various research steps that must be completed within a specific time, such as literature review, data collection and analysis
  • The initial processes, such as research design, hypothesis formulation and problem statement
  • Timeline for each event
  • To identify the overlaps between various research steps
  • Schedule the starting and completion point of various tasks

How To Create A Dissertation Gantt Chart?

A dissertation is a long-term task that requires commitment and proper motivation. Also, it requires utilising your time in the most optimal manner to avoid getting past the deadline. Dissertation writing is not an easy task, and it consumes your energy and time. If you try to do everything at once and go all in, chances are that you will get tired in the process. However, if you use smart strategies and optimise the tasks, it will increase your productivity.

You must have clarity regarding the research objectives, and they must be realistic to be completed within the specified time. A Dissertation Gantt Chart provides you with step-by-step instructions that you can use to monitor, plan and manage your dissertation writing process. Therefore, the foremost thing is to keep the following aspects in mind for creating a Gantt Chart:

Clarity of Objectives

Before you embark on the research and writing process, you must ponder some things, especially your research objectives. You must ask yourself why you are undertaking this research. What do you aim to achieve? What are the requirements? When do you have to complete it?

Consider the Requirements

The second most important thing is to assess the requirements for completing the dissertation on time. You must ask yourself what and how many resources you will need to complete the dissertation. How much does it cost to use a particular research method? How can you better manage the resource?

Risk Identification

Risk identification helps you in the planning phase. A Dissertation Gantt Chart must take stock of the potential risks that might arise during the research process. You must identify the potential anomalies and devise strategies for dealing with them. For instance, if the data diverges completely from your initial hypothesis and research objectives, then you must be ready to devise an alternative hypothesis and collect the data to ensure consistency between the research results.

Identify the Benchmarks

Benchmarks are often called key performance indicators. You can get an idea about the KPIs by reading the research manual of your university. They will inform you of the standard benchmarks against which your research will be evaluated. You must include them in the Gantt Chart to ensure efficiency and maximum productivity.

Procedure to Create a Dissertation Gantt Chart

Creating a Dissertation, Gantt requires doing the following activities:

Make A List Of Research Activities

Research activities pertain to the actual steps you will take to complete your dissertation. You must list down the research activities and transform those activities into a step-by-step procedure. If you intend to conduct survey research, write down the steps required to undertake survey research. Moreover, if you intend to analyse the research result using statistical tools, you must write down the steps required to do it.

Time Management

The next step is estimating the time it will take to perform all required research activities. It is imperative to ascertain how much time it will take for the literature review, data collection, data management, and analysis. How many surveys or interviews can you conduct in a day or week? These activities must be divided proportionately, keeping in mind the time restrictions.

Create an Excel Spreadsheet

You can create a Dissertation Gantt Chart on the excel spreadsheet to visually represent the information you noted down using the above-mentioned techniques. You can create an excel sheet and enter the required steps that are needed to finalise the dissertation. Each section must be adjacent to the time required to complete it. For example, weeks and months. Use various colours and bar graphs to denote the various activities you would undertake. Creating a manual Gantt chart is a bit complex if your excel skills are not good; therefore, if you need any help, you can always utilise the expertise of a professional dissertation writing service.


Dissertation Gantt Chart is a management tool that helps you monitor the progress of your dissertation. It helps devise optimal strategies that save time and helps you complete the dissertation on time. You can refer to the above-mentioned guidelines for creating a Gantt chart.