Technology advancements are altering the marketing environment. The same technology has assisted in making marketing more target-focused rather than random. Target-focused marketing is also well-exemplified by the geofencing idea for your Android app development. They are connecting with an audience that the business’s prospective customers could be aids location-based marketing.

Describe Geofencing.

Geofencing is a locating-specific service mainly used to target marketing campaigns to a specific demographic. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), WIFI, Cellular Data, or GPS are the primary technologies used by the geofencing programme or app.

To further comprehend it, we need to use an example.

So let’s say you own a cosmetics shop. You will get a signal anytime someone enters the immediate geographic region around your store using Geofencing software or applications. Additionally, you have the option of notifying them of the bargain you want to provide. Whether or not the individual intends to buy cosmetics increases the likelihood of becoming a client.

A Geofencing App: What Is It?

The geofencing app is one that enables you to create a virtual fence around a specific location for any reason. However, due to the effectiveness of marketing strategies that geofencing applications employ, the app is mainly used for marketing objectives. When a discount is offered to you when you are just outside a business, and you are standing outside, you will probably go inside.

The geofencing app’s applications go beyond simple marketing, however. The software may be used for the following:

  • Monitoring of time
  • Safety
  • Vehicle monitoring
  • Child safety
  • Automating the home
  • Legal action

Apart from marketing, one of the most fundamental applications of geofencing software is kid protection. The app may be notified when your kid enters or exits a specific location.

How Do Market Statistics Relate to Geofencing Apps?

We could better grasp the considerable market and outstanding usability of Geofencing applications by discussing some numbers and data. So, let’s go through each one individually. You should be acquainted with the idea of click-through rates in digital marketing before anything else. Therefore, mobile advertising’ click-through rate doubled when geofencing was used.

There are more than 6.6 billion smartphone users globally, which is significant when discussing the availability and reach of geofencing applications. 92% of smartphones, which almost 6 billion people use globally, support geofencing applications.

The global smartphone subscription from 2016 to 2021, with projections for 2022 to 2027, according to Statista

When marketing to its target demographic, geofencing offers a customized experience. A tailored ad experience is preferred by 71% of customers, statistics show. Therefore, the idea increases the likelihood of attracting clients.

The Function of Geofencing

The location of devices serves as the only basis on which geofencing applications operate. Tools like GPS, WiFi tower triangulation, cellular triangulation, etc., are used for the same. Geofencing is software that works with standard devices and doesn’t need special hardware.

We are combining the tools mentioned above and software aids in creating a boundary around which a number of tasks may be carried out. The radius of the region may range from 50 to 50,000 meters.

The advantage of technology is its ability to operate in the background. It is unnecessary to have the app open to get updates about bargains or offers. You could, however, choose not to jeopardize your health in exchange for chance transactions. Thus, geofencing software ensures that they don’t drain your smartphone’s battery. The majority of geofencing applications barely use 0.1% of the battery’s capacity.

Benefits of a Geofencing App

Unquestionably, one of the essential activities for any company organization is marketing. It helps you expand your company’s reach and deliver to your consumers. Therefore, geofencing enhances and improves your company’s marketing strategies. Let’s define the terms in the statement to better comprehend it:

Real-Time Targeting

Clients who get a discount offer from a shop may not want to go into the store immediately. However, it is possible that the customer will visit the shop and take advantage of the offer if they are 50 meters from the exact location and get the same message. Therefore, the likelihood of acquiring clients is significantly increased by real-time targeting.

Various Interaction Levels

It requires work to attract consumers and persuade them to make purchases when they haven’t even made plans to do so. Therefore, geofencing software gives you plenty of support for various consumer engagement methods. Customers may get text messages, emails, advertisements, and pop-up alerts regarding your offerings.

Increased Conversion Rate

As we saw in the section above, adverts with the geofencing function claim to get twice as many hits as regular ad buttons. Thus, geofencing boosts conversion rates and facilitates the closing of more sales.

In Place of Using Human Resources

The expense of using human resources is significant for the business regardless of whether the company is a small or a large corporation. Human resources are needed to carry out regional and local marketing. Therefore, the software and geofencing applications eliminate the requirement for localized marketing personnel.

Including Additional Marketing Tools

It is insufficient to rely solely on geofencing marketing when discussing national-level businesses and organizations. The effectiveness and marketing ROI can be increased by incorporating the geofencing idea into a more extensive marketing campaign.

Implement Security

After discussing the marketing goals and advantages in sufficient detail, it’s time to discuss some additional benefits. As we have said, the geofencing idea is considerably broader than just marketing. You can guarantee the safety of your children and loved ones using geofencing. Every time a member of your family leaves a particular area or enters a location they are not permitted to be in, the programme warns you. Additionally, you will be informed immediately if a stranger attempts to access your property.


Every business is aware of other companies and locations where they might locate the ideal candidates to hire. Therefore, using a geofencing tool enables you to interact with workers’ companies that are comparable to your own and entice them to join your business with appealing offers. Doing this may recruit workers with the necessary training and expertise without putting in a lot of work.


These are the benefits of a geofencing app that would help you know the advantages you would get after getting an android mobile app development. Also, you can read how it functions with its proper definition.

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