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Today, your smartphone is nothing short of a guide for you in almost every aspect of your life. The development of science and technology has evolved several curious ways smartphones aid human beings’ lives.  

From helping you find the quickest route to your friend’s house to helping you book a game at the Room Esc, there is hardly much that your buddy cannot help you with! But did you know there are still some things you could never have guessed your smartphone could help you with? Check out these seven crazy things that you probably never thought your smartphone was capable of doing: 

It turns out it can act as a 3D scanner! 

Recently, a unique software was launched in the markets that can interestingly turn your smartphone into a 3D scanner! With the help of this software, it is now possible to even scan any three-dimensional object you may find around you. The software works seamlessly, and all you need to do is move your phone’s camera around the thing, and voila! Your scan is done!  

Inquisitive solutions to leaky windows.  

Did you know leakages can prevent your house’s desired temperature for comfort? To detect leakage in your windows or doors, firstly, you need to turn on your thermal imaging camera with the help of the Flir One add-on. It is a rectangle-shaped camera. It helps you detect leaks instantly! So, now point your phone towards the designated area, and watch how thermal energy gets converted into colored images. 

Find out your heart health! 

Kardia mobile heart monitor is a helpful device that will take approximately 30 seconds to detect your heart rate. All you need to do is press your fingers gently on the touchpad while the application captures your heart rate and monitors your heart’s health.  

Controlling your drone is now easier than before!  

Recently, a brand-new drone has hit the market, which supposedly allows users to control it with the help of their phones seamlessly! The camera on your smartphone will offer you every piece of data related to how you can manage your drone effectively. So, now, you no longer need to rely on anything else to control your drone, as your smartphone does all the work!  

Prevent drunk driving 

The brand-new Bluetooth BACtrack Vio Smartphone Breathalyzer can help you figure out whether you are sober enough to drive or not. It is a very compact device that efficiently measures the alcohol content in your body and sends back the data to your smartphone. So, now you can remain cautious and prevent any risks you would have otherwise faced by driving in a drunken state!  

Knock, knock! Some water, please!  

Yes, we all know that drinking a lot of water throughout the day is essential. But how often do we follow that? You can now use the Hidrate Spark water bottle to record how much water you have drunk during the day and even pair the bottle with an app to record your data. The application will remind you how much water you still need to drink and will ensure that you always remain hydrated.  

Pocket First AID and CPR 

Did you know that your smartphone can help to monitor and regulate your health? From choking to bites, or even burns, there is hardly anything that this app cannot show you a solution for! You must download the Pocket First AID and CPR app on your smartphone, which will guide you on how to give first aid in different circumstances. You can even save medical records in this app for future reference.  

Are you now interested in checking out these seven crazy things you never knew your smartphone could do for you? So, go ahead and try out these inquisitive and helpful things on your smartphone!

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